Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 107 — November 17, 2019

DeepFovea: Neural Reconstruction for Foveated Rendering and Video Compression using Learned Statistics of Natural Videos

  • the paper presents a new technique that uses a neural network to reconstruct foveated rendering from sparse source data

Coming to DirectX 12: D3D9On12 and D3D11On12 Resource Interop APIs

  • the article provides an overview of the new API that allows users to request the underlying D3D12 resources from an application that is using the D3D9 on D3D12 layer

Journey Sand Shader: Sand Normal

  • the article proposes a technique that uses a random texture to perturb the normals of dunes to simulate the variation caused by sand grains

Vulkan Mobile Best Practices - Descriptor and Buffer Management

  • the article provides an overview of how Vulkan descriptor set management influences CPU performance
  • provides 3 possible solutions to the problem
  • showing how they affect both performance and application implementation
  • suggest a descriptor set caching scheme combined with using a single VkBuffer to store uniform data

Coming to DirectX 12: More control over memory allocation

  • D3D12 is adding two new flags for memory heap creation
  • D3D12_HEAP_FLAG_CREATE_NOT_RESIDENT, the heap is created non-resident state to enable EnqueueMakeResident to be used for heaps
  • D3D12_HEAP_FLAG_CREATE_NOT_ZEROED enables an optimization that allows non-zeroed pages to be returned

Layered voxel rendering

  • the article proposes a solution for voxel rendering
  • voxel scene is pre-calculated into multiple vertical slices
  • each slice is represented by an image and stores all voxel in the slice
  • additionally contains a logic summary on how to procedurally generate a voxel-based island

Improving Particle Systems on PowerVR

  • brief article explains how to detect particle overdraw using the PowerVR profiler
  • suggest to disable anisotropic filtering and use close fit meshes for particles

Frozen 2

  • the author mentions the new rendering features of Disneys’ Hyperion Renderer that have been used on Frozen 2
  • contains a large selection of stills from the movie

Technically Art: Issue 43 (15.11.2019)

  • collection of tweets showcasing a large number of effects, games and technical art resources

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