Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 111 — December 15, 2019

AMD “Vega” 7nm Instruction Set Architecture documentation

  • Instruction Set Architecture provides an overview of how Vega architecture is designed
  • an in-depth description of all instruction set and additional hardware details

PowerVR SDK and Tools 2019 Release 2 now available

  • the article provides an overview of new features of the PowerVR SDK
  • improved tools, improved Vulkan support, support for Android 10

Three years of Metal

  • the article provides an overview of the experience using metal over the last 3 years
  • discusses the situation on iOS, macOS, and improvement has been made since the first iterations

Technically Art: Issue 47 (13.12.2019)

  • collection of tweets related to VFX, shaders, and game art

Part 22: Skyboxes

  • the Unity tutorial shows how to create a skybox shader that uses a gradient defined by two colors

Ray tracing on the WEB

  • a web-based ray tracing framework that exposes programmable stages based on GLSL for rapid prototyping, in a similar fashion to ShaderToy

Probability Theory for Physically Based Rendering

  • the blog details the mathematical approach of Monte-Carlo integration
  • additionally explores several techniques (such as Importance Sampling) to reduce the variance

Probability Theory for Physically Based Rendering Part 2

  • the article extends the knowledge from part 1 to the domain of solving the rendering equation
  • explains the theory behind the different aspects of path tracing

Writing a Shader Effect Language Part 3: Materials

  • the article presents an exploration of a material system designed for Vulkan requirements
  • the material system expresses the information required to create pipeline objects
  • additionally supports loading and binding of resources
  • example implementation (with provided code) provides examples of how to use it for different workloads

Collection of light transport papers

  • an extensive collection of light transport papers

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