Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 328 - February 25th, 2024

On Light, Colors, Mixing Paints, and Numerical Optimization.

  • the article provides an in-depth discussion of how light behaves, how it interacts with the human visual system, and finally, how paints are made up
  • given the theoretical underlying presents a model to derive a model to represent the mixing of colors
  • discusses how to implement the solver
  • The Python source code is released as open-source

Vulkanised 2024 Playlist released

  • the video recordings of the talks from the Vulkanised 2024 conference have been released
  • covering efficient rendering for mobile, Vulkan synchronization, shader language innovation, practical porting lessons, and much more

Shadeup Crash Course

  • the article introduces the Shadeup language that aims to minimize boilerplate code required when authoring WebGPU workloads
  • provides a quick introduction to the various features of the system and how to interact between CPU and GPU code
  • covers basic rasterization as well as compute shader usage
  • code examples are interactively editable for experimentation

[video] Creating a Debug Callback Function // Vulkan For Beginners #3

  • the video tutorial explains the necessary steps to ensure that all Vulkan validation messages will be intercepted
  • shows the C++ code implementation required and how to use the debugger to collect additional information when an error occurs

[video] Underwater Caustics Part 2 - Advanced Materials - Episode 42

  • the second part of a video tutorial about the implementation of Caustics using Unreal and Unity
  • The first part explained how to implement an underwater caustic effect
  • this part shows visual issues (noise, edges) from the previous part and shows how to solve them

Graphite internships: announcing participation in GSoC 2024

  • the Rust-based 2D editor Graphite is looking for Students to join the Google Summer of Code project
  • one of the suggested project ideas is to rewrite the Shader-driven graph UI for improved performance

Thanks to Keith O’Conor for support of this series.

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