Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 119 — February 16, 2020

Coherency gathering in ray tracing: the benefits of hardware ray tracking

  • the article presents the problems with ray tracing in terms of divergence workflows
  • Imagination GPUs are able to reorder rays in hardware to maintain better coherency

Create nice and feasible volumetric cloud in Unreal Engine 4

  • the blog posts presents how to use high quality volumetric fog in UE4 to simulate ground level rolling fog
  • based on multiple layers of 3D texture based noise, and fake self shadowing

Minions Art Tutorials

  • collections of art, unity tutorials and shader introduction articles


  • new Geometric Algebra designed for realtime graphics and animation applications
  • including SSE optimizations

How to Correctly Interpolate Vertex Attributes on a Parallelogram Using Modern GPUs?

  • article presents how to use barycentric coordinates in a pixel shader to manually interpoliate values in a quad

Shaders For People Who Don't Know How To Shader: Deferred

  • the article presents a brief overview of what deferred shading is
  • shows how to customize the deferred shading logic used by unity
  • expose global tweakable settings that influence the whole scene

GPU resources

  • collection of gpu resources
  • links to details about hardware, shader languages, and WebGPU

Reaching for the stars

  • the Unity article describes how to generate a stylized procedualr skybox
  • shows how to generate proper speherical UVs, generate a sky gradient, stars, moon, sun and clouds

Instancing and Material Property Blocks

  • the Unity tutorials shows how to use Material Property Blocks
  • this feature allows Unity to better batch draw calls even if multiple materials are used

Four Color Gradient

  • beginner Unity shader tutorial that shows how to implement a gradient made from 4 colors forming a quad

Journey Sand Shader: Ripples

  • last part of Unity shader torial that shows how to add ripples into the sand dunes
  • this is achieved using normal mapping

How to Calculate Shader Graph Normals

  • Unity tutorial that shows how to calculate new normals from a vertex shader
  • this is required because the vertex shader modifies the vertex positions
  • normal is calcuded by transform neighboring points and adjusting the normal based on the relative change of the points

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