Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 133 — May 24, 2020

Dimensionality reduction for image and texture set compression

  • detailed post presents the idea of “decorrelating” color channels to maximize information in texture channels and eliminate redundancy allowing data to be stored in fewer color channels
  • introduction into Singular Value Decomposition SVD and how it can be used for channel decorrelation
  • showing quality comparisons for a PBR texture set and discusses possible problems

DirectX is coming to the Windows Subsystem for Linux

  • Version 2 of Windows Subsystem for Linux adds full support for D3D12 (not allows rendering to the screen yet)
  • this is implemented as Linux kernel model driver to expose the GPU to user mode Linux applications
  • DirectML and CUDA are implemented on top to allow machine learning on Linux guests

Video: Gears 5 – High-Gear Visuals On Multiple Platforms

  • relaxed cone step mapping for relief mapping to add more details
  • async compute based tesselation for interactive terrain
  • the interactive deformations have been implemented using texture-atlas based technique
  • running pixel bound post-processing in parallel with the pre-pass of the following frame
  • advice for the reduction of d3d12 hitches

From Built-in to URP

  • collection of concepts, macros, shader logics, that exists in unity build-in render pipeline and how they are represented in the new Universal Render Pipeline

Vulkan Helper Libraries Survey

  • Khronos questionary that presents a list of suggestion for possible vulkan helper libraries
  • looking for feedback on which libraries would be of most interest from developers

Making a clean (mini)map using Navmesh and a Shader

  • Unity tutorial that shows how to use a navmesh as a base for minimap rendering

Accelerating Ray Tracing with Origin Offsets

  • the paper proposed a new method that aims to improve ray tracing by offsetting ray starting point aways from the originating leaf nodes of the acceleration structures
  • the suggested proposal is generating an auxiliary data structure of hemispheres that make it robust to offset the ray starting point

Texture Generation

  • A unity tutorial that shows how to blend multiple textures together and save them to disk using Unity

Technically Art: Issue 55 (22.05.2020)

  • collection of tweets related to VFX, shaders, and game art

Welcome to the joint conferences, Eurographics & Eurovis 2020

  • Eurographics & Eurovis 2020 conference will be virtual and streamed starting May 25-29, 2020

Quick Introduction to Mesh Shaders (OpenGL and Vulkan)

  • brief overview and introduction into Mesh Shaders using OpenGL and Vulkan

Optimizing for the RDNA architecture: presentation notes

  • collection of notes about the content of the AMD talk presenting the AMD RDNA architecture and GPU optimizations
  • presents a walkthrough of a MIP generation example

Rendered #1

  • A new newsletter with news and insight on volumetric filmmaking, virtual production, 3D rendering, and other emerging realities

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