Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 134 — May 31, 2020

Casual Shadertoy Path Tracing 1: Basic Camera, Diffuse, Emissive

  • A tutorial that shows a practical walkthrough on how to implement a path tracer in shadertoy
  • focuses on the generation of renderings instead of physical correctness

Curving Corner Texture UVs

  • the article shows how to generate UVs for curved corners using Unity

Iterating on Variable Rate Shading in Gears Tactics

  • the articles present how the VRS (Variable Rate Shading) implementation was approached
  • offers performance and quality considerations
  • shows how the shading rate was adjusted dynamically

Civilization VI Fog of War

  • This Unity tutorial explains how to implement a Civilization VI style fog of war system
  • shows how to render the hex grid, use a compute shader to generate visibility masks and combine all parts for the final result

New geometry pipeline in Magnum

  • the articles describe the design of the new geometry (import) pipeline of the Magnum engine
  • the new design focuses on the reduction of load time and extra flexibility to handle any GPU understood format

The design and evolution of the UberBake light baking system

  • A global illumination system developed by Activision
  • the system is based on a static light baking approach with runtime support for dynamically changing lights and geometry

Progressing in Circles

  • the articles presents different approaches on how to implement a ring progression effect
  • compares rendering quality, anti-aliasing, performance, and setup work for each method
  • proves Unity source code for all presented solutions

Technically Art: Issue 56 (29.05.2020)

  • collection of tweets related to VFX, shaders, and game art

A survey of temporal antialiasing techniques: presentation notes

  • authors notes on the Survey of Temporal Antialiasing Techniques talk from the Eurographics 2020 virtual conference
  • discussing TAA, how it works, how different implementations compare, weaknesses and possible future improvements

Point and Spot Lights Lights with Limited Influence

  • the next part in a Unity tutorial series on the scriptable render pipeline
  • this part adds support for point lights, Spot Lights, static light baking and per-object lights

Borderland between Rendering and Editor — Part 2: Picking

  • the article explains how the GPU based picking system in “Our Machinery” has been implemented
  • presented solution writes a small UAV from the pixel shader to record the closes picked object
  • shows how to make sure that the closes object is atomically returned

Reverse engineering the rendering of The Witcher 3, part 19 - portals

  • the article shows how the portal rendering effect in The Witcher 3 has been implemented
  • shows the Reverse engineered HLSL shader implementation

Stochastic Substitute Trees for Real-Time Global Illumination

  • a GI algorithm based around tracing Virtual point lights (VPLs), converting clusters of VPLs into probability distributions and storing these into hierarchical trees

Thanks to Dominik Lazarek for support of this series.

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