Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 136 — June 14, 2020

Followup tidbits on RGBE

  • the author presents considerations for designing conversations explained with the example of RGBE encoding
  • discusses quantization, round trip error, and precision maximization

The Center of the Pixel is (0.5,0.5)

  • the article explains how to deal with pixel coordinates correctly
  • shows why pixel center coordinates are at half-offsets
  • additionally shows how to integrate this into a ray-tracer correctly

Real-Time Ray Tracing Summit

  • an online summit with talks about ray tracing topics
  • covers topic such as ray tracing API, usages in games and developments for mobile

Preliminary HPG 2020 Program

  • program for talks that will be presented as part of high-performance graphics 2020
  • lectures will be streamed for registered attendees and recordings will be released after the conference

Fast 2D rendering on GPU

  • the article provides an overview of an algorithm for GPU based rendering of 2D vector graphics
  • presents a performance comparison against other existing solutions

High Fidelity Graphics for games with HDRP

  • the talk from Unit presents techniques required for best results with Unity High definition rendering pipeline
  • shows how to light a scene following photography theory

Parallel CSG Operations on GPU

  • the article presents how a CSG Operation implementation based around point clouds has been designed for GPU architectures

Animated Light Cookie Shader (Cloud & Tree Shadows)

  • the Unity tutorial shows how to dynamically generate light blocker textures to simulate clouds and tree shadows

[Video] EG / STARs 5 / Neural Rendering / Wednesday

  • the collection of talks for the field of neural rendering methods
  • starting with an overview of the area, covering semantic photosynthesis, novel view synthesis
  • closing with a look at the state of the art

Fake vs True Displacement - Part 1/2

  • the two-part article series shows the difference between Bump-maps, Normal-maps, Displacement and Vector Displacement
  • presents an in-depth overview of the different techniques and compares the strengths and weakness with a visual presentation of the results

Perceptually Smooth Multi-Color Linear Gradients

  • the notebook shows how to interpolate gradients in a perceptually smooth way using Catmull Rom splines
  • the website allows experimentation with results in several color spaces

[Video] Optimizing Roblox: Vulkan Best Practices for Mobile Developers

  • Vulkan talks that cover the Vulkan sample framework, load/store operations, sub-passes, pipeline barriers
  • Roblox presents how to they manage command buffers, descriptors, render passes and pipeline state

Quadrant-Sizing for Efficient UI Rendering

  • the author presents his implementation of a UI element system that allows arbitrary object scaling in a single draw call
  • the technique does not support texturing and requires offline pre-processing

Distance Field Ray Tracing Part 1: Volume Textures and Ray Marching Primer

  • the UE4 tutorial is a primer on how to build distance field shapes and use raymarching from volume texture to render them

Casual Shadertoy Path Tracing 3: Fresnel, Rough Refraction & Absorption, Orbit Camera

  • path 3 of path tracing shows how to extend the materials to support fresnel as well as reflection and absorption for rough materials

Thanks to Giuseppe Modarelli for support of this series.

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