Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 139 — July 5, 2020

[video] two minute papers - This is Geometry Processing Made Easy

  • a brief summary video of the “Monte Carlo Geometry Processing: A Grid-Free Approach to PDE-Based Methods on Volumetric Domains” paper
  • presents how this paper connects to light transport and provides an overview of 6 examples and a look at implementations of the technique

Practical Product Sampling by Fitting and Composing Warps

  • the paper presents an importance sampling method that is based on wrap functions that approximate a single factor
  • introduces how to use the technique with several existing techniques including projected solid angle sampling, glossy BSFDs, and others

Warping samples paper at rendering symposium

  • an additional explanation for the previously discussed paper containing the implementation for a rectangular area light

Graphics on the web and beyond with WebGPU

  • the article provides an overview of the WebGPU API and shows the steps necessary to render a textured, spinning cube

Lights and Shadows

  • the great in-depth article explains the concepts of light with many interactive examples
  • illustrates the connection between the different units, explains connected concepts such as solid-angle
  • additionally explains the relationship between reflections, shadows, and color

Specular Manifold Sampling for Rendering High-Frequency Caustics and Glints

  • the paper presents a new technique that combines techniques caustics and glint into a single framework
  • the presented technique combines deterministic root finding and stochastic sampling

Introducing neural supersampling for real-time rendering

  • the paper presents a neural network upsampling technique that is aimed at 16x upsampling for real-time rendering
  • the neural network takes advantage of additional information such as depth values and motion vectors

Cancel your SIGGRAPH hotel; attend EGSR, HPG, and I3D 2020 virtually, free

  • list of computer graphics conferences, dates and links to the stream as they are all virtual this year

Point and Spot Shadows Perspective Shadows

  • Unity tutorial that shows how to implement realtime shadows for point and spotlights using a custom scriptable render pipeline

A Taxonomy of Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Function Lobes for Rendering Engineers

  • the paper presents a taxonomy of the lobes that are composed to create a BSDF
  • gives a hierarchical breakdown of the different models with examples for the different branches

Fast Render Target Rendering in Unreal Engine 4

  • the article presents how to efficiently implement render-to-texture techniques using UE4
  • compares the implementation using Slate and Canvas and shows why a slate based implementation is a lot quicker

Screen space shadows

  • the articles show what screenspace shadows can add to the scene, provide an example of implementation, and show how noise can reduce banding

Intersection of a ray and a plane

  • the article shows how to derive the intersection between a ray and a plane

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