Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 146 — August 23, 2020

How I turned my side project into a paper at a top graphics conference

  • the article presents a walkthrough and experiences of getting a paper included in Siggraph 2020

Vulkan - Robustness

  • the guide explains how optional robustness features allow Vulkan applications to treat out-of-bounds access as operations with well-defined behavior

An early release of pbrt-v4 and some notes about pbrt-gpu

  • the first release of pbrt-v4, adds new rendering techniques but also adds support for GPU rendering
  • 10-20x speedup compared to 32-core Threadripper
  • the article provides a list of new techniques and link to code walkthrough video

Introduction to the Vulkan Computer Graphics API

  • Siggraph 2020 course that provides an API overview for basic drawing in Vulkan

Single Pass Stereo: a study

  • Single Pass Stereo is a technique that can be used to simultaneously project geometry for the left and right eye in the same pass
  • Part 1 discusses the advantages/disadvantages of Single Pass Stereo from a high-level perspective
  • the second part presents an in-depth discussion of the problems of SPS

SIGGRAPH 2020 Links

  • growing link collection to resources from Siggraph 2020

Advances in Monte Carlo Rendering: The Legacy of Jaroslav Křivánek

  • SIGGRAPH 2020 course that reviews and discusses insights of techniques introduced Jaroslav Křivánek that shaped the research of light transport

Zero-Variance Theory for Efficient Subsurface Scattering

  • the Siggraph 2020 course presents guided sampling techniques that reduce variance to allow faster convergence for Subsurface Scattering

Path Trace Visualization - Part 1

  • the article presents how to implement a path visualization system for a GPU path tracer

HDR Scattering and Tone Mapping

  • The Unity tutorial explains how to add HDR rendering support to a custom scriptable render pipeline
  • including an overview of different Tone Mapping techniques

A Primer on sokol_gfx.h

  • the article provides an overview of the scope of the sokol_gfx 3D API wrapper
  • provides an overview of the architecture and the zero initialization principle

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