Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 148 — September 6, 2020

DOOM Eternal - Graphics Study

  • in-depth breakdown of the the frame strutcure in Doom eternal
  • major changes since Doom to 2016 include mesh decals, new GPU based light, decal culling and dynamic draw call merging

Variable Rate Shading: first impressions

  • the blog post provides an overview of VRS modes, presents some possible use cases and performance numbers from the first tests in Wicket Engine

Compressing PBR material texture sets with sparsity and k-SVD dictionary learning

  • the article provides an introduction to sparse and dictionary learning methods and applies these to try to archive better compression for full PBR texture set

Compressed GPU texture formats – a review and compute shader decoders – part 2

  • this part of the series presents a discussion of how the BC6 and BC7 format is implemented
  • Additionally provides the necessary code to decode the format in a shader

GPU Captures: How we support placed and reserved resources

  • the blog post explains how PIX for Windows tracks placed and reserved resources
  • uses active/inactive state tracking and presents what limitations exist

Nsight: The Most Important Ampere Tools In Your Utility Belt

  • the article provides an overview of the Nvidia tools available and how they can be combined to improve application performance

Porting Falcon Age to the Oculus Quest

  • the article provides a post-mortem view about the kind of changes, optimizations, and quality reductions had to be done to make the game run on the Oculus quest

Shader Studies: Matrix Effect

  • the article provides a detailed breakdown of a shader that implements a matrix style effect that can be applied via tri-planar mapping to every surface

Technically Art: Issue 66 (04.09.2020)

  • collection of tweets related to VFX, shaders, and game art

RenderDoc for Oculus

  • the blog post describes the custom Occulus fork of RenderDoc that adds support for a profiling mode
  • this mode offers a Tile Timeline view that allows investigation of tiled GPU performance
  • additionally also ads a Vulkan draw call metrics collector

Thanks to Trevor Black for support of this series.

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