Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 149 — September 13, 2020

Continuous Multiple Importance Sampling (SIGGRAPH 2020 Presentation)

  • the video provides a great explanation of Monte Carlo integration importance sampling
  • presents how to generalize MIS to a from distinct techniques to a continuum of techniques
  • shows how to use the method for path reuse, spectral rendering, and photon planes

I3D 2020 starts this Monday

  • summary on how to take part and find the content of I3D 2020

Debugging D3D11 apps using D3D11On12

  • overview of debugging D3D11 applications using Pix for Windows
  • shows what is supported and what limitations exist

Topics in Quantization for Games

  • the post discusses a variety of quantization topis to ensure conversion of precision
  • GPU based workloads should prefer centered quantization

Technically Art: Issue 67 (11.09.2020)

  • collection of tweets related to VFX, shaders, and game art

VHS Video Material Tutorial

  • the Unreal tutorial explains how to apply a shader effect that converts a video into a VHS style looking video
  • presents the walkthrough of the Material Graph

Stormscapes: Simulating Cloud Dynamics in the Now

  • the SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 paper presents a cloud simulation with high-level parameters
  • the system can simulate cumulus, stratus, and stratocumulus for the formation of dynamic cloud formations

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