Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 158 — November 22, 2020

D3D12 APITrace - Capture and Replay

  • the blog posts describes how APITrace can intercept D3D12 applications (even complex AAA games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla)
  • presents how the layer deals with Persistent Memory Mapping, Capturing and Replaying Descriptors, Fences, and Synchronization
  • additional describes what issues are still left unsolved

[video] Realistic Clouds - Sapiens Devlog 54

  • the dev vlog explains how the 2D billboard based clouds are implemented
  • cloud volumes are generated in Blender, directional light information is baked into textures using single color lights along the principal coordinate system axis
  • these directions are blended at runtime to integrate into the in-game PBR lighting system

[video] Devlog 1: How we built the toon shading | Open Projects

  • the devlog presents a walkthrough of the implementation of a toon shader
  • contains a comparison between a toon shading model and a more realistic model
  • the implementation is done using the Unity Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and ShaderGraph

[video] Introduction to Compute Shaders in Unity URP! Replace Geometry Shaders | Game Dev Tutorial

  • the video tutorial explains how to take an input mesh and use a compute shader to generate additional geometry
  • provides an overview of compute shader concepts, showing the HLSL based implementation and how to integrate it into the Unit rendering pipeline
  • additional explains how to use DrawIndirect to draw the results directly from the GPU timeline

Top Fire Shader Graphs

  • the article presents three different approaches to archive a fire effect using Unity
  • show a sprite-based flipbook effect, procedural shape generation for a toon, and more realistic shape
  • the implementation is done in ShaderGraph

d3d12 - Vulkan

  • unrolled Twitter thread presenting an overview of differences between D3D12 and Vulkan
  • the aim of the comparison is to be able to support both APIs

Technically Art: Issue 76 (20.11.2020)

  • collection of tweets related to VFX, shaders, and game art

Thanks to Denis Gladkiy for support of this series.

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