Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 168 — January 31, 2021

Improved Shader and Texture Level of Detail Using Ray Cones

  • the paper introduces a new method for Mip level selection, including anisotropic filtering in a raytracer
  • presented technique is not based on screen space derivatives
  • extends the technique to apply to textures with different dimensions
  • shows how ray cones can be used to select LOD for shading too

sRGB gamut clipping

  • the article presents an introduction to Gamut Clipping (mapping colors outside of the target color space back into valid colors)
  • presents different approaches for mapping techniques
  • shows how to apply these for the Oklab color space and presents comparisons of the results
  • code is provided

Analysis-Driven Optimization: Preparing for Analysis with NVIDIA Nsight Compute, Part 1

  • first part of a three-part series that focuses on optimizing a CUDA workload
  • articles present the methodology, how to use the Nsight provided information to iteratively optimize the application

Managing Memory for Acceleration Structures in DirectX Raytracing

  • the article presents how to reduce memory usage of bottom level acceleration structure (BLAS)
  • instead of using placed resources for each BLAS, it is recommended to sub allocate from one larger structure


Lead Graphics Programmer

(Helsinki, Finland)

Ubisoft RedLynx is a multiplatform game development studio located in Helsinki. Along with the hugely popular Trials series, we have developed and published more than 100 games and we are a passionate team of over 140 people of 21 different nationalities. We are seeking an experienced Graphics Programmer to join our core technology team in creating impactful game experiences.

Rim Light Shader Graph in Unity URP! Moody and Atmospheric Lighting!

  • the Unity video tutorial shows how to implement rim lighting (an effect that only applies to the edges of a model)

Introduction to Computer Graphics

  • Video lectures for the Introduction to Computer Graphics Course at the University of Utah
  • more classes will be released over the next few weeks

Neural Geometric Level of Detail Real-time Rendering with Implicit 3D Surfaces

  • the paper presents a deep neural network to generate signed distance functions using a fixed network and sparse oct-tree
  • the network also generates the level of detail representations
  • shows real-time reconstruction and rendering with ray tracing

Wrapping around the uv map in 80 frames

  • the article presents an overview of UV mapping
  • showing different mapping techniques, problems, and uses cases

NVIDIA Announces Nsight Graphics 2021.1

  • updated tools adds support for inline raytracing and capturing applications that are not frame-based

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