Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 176 — March 28, 2021

Ray Tracing Lossy Compressed Grid Primitives

  • the paper presents a method that allows a 5−7× reduction in memory footprint compared to indexed triangle meshes
  • this is archived by converting vertices into vertex grids and using compressed displacement vectors to compress the vertex data
  • the additional work required to decompress the data adds around 15% of overhead

Understanding Vulkan Synchronization

  • the blog posts provides an easy to understand summary of the Vulkan Synchronization
  • additionally includes information about what parts of the API have changed with Synchronization2

Importance sampling visible wavelength

  • the article presents experiments with spectral rendering to find an importance sampled wavelength sampling approximation
  • presents comparisons of the different approximations

Interactive Path Tracing and Reconstruction of Sparse Volumes

  • the paper presents a technique to allow path tracing through sparse volumes
  • based on NanoVDB with unbiased multiple scattering volume path tracing and neural denoising
  • able to render Disney Clouds in 60 ms

[video] Compositional Neural Scene Representations for Shading Inference - SIGGRAPH 2020 Paper Presentation

  • video recording of the SIGGRAPH 2020 was released
  • the paper presents how to use a neural representation to infer additional results such as reflections and global illumination


  • open-source release of a tool to generate meshlets (for use with mesh shaders, GPU based culling, etc)
  • additionally can generate bounding sphere and visibility cones

NVIDIA Vulkan Ray Tracing Tutorials

  • Vulkan Ray tracing tutorials have been updated
  • added new tutorials on how to use vkCmdTraceRaysIndirectKHR and how to ray cast ambient occlusion using ray queries

Guided Visibility Sampling++

  • the paper presents a technique to discover a potentially visible set (PVS) of triangles visible from a region of space
  • this technique uses ray shooting guided by Adaptive Border Sampling and Reverse Sampling
  • provides an overview of how the method was implemented using Vulkan hardware Raytracing

[video] Sparkling Grass Lawn in Shader Graph! Unity URP Procedural Material

  • the video tutorial explains how to generate a procedural stylized lawn shader
  • uses a combination of noises to create the shading
  • additionally adds support for sparking based on view angle

Twitter Thread - Valheim rendering performance

  • the Twitter thread presents a breakdown of the Valheim rendering pipeline (implemented using Unity)
  • shows the different rendering passes, what shaders are expensive, and usage patterns responsible for suboptimal performance
  • additionally provides pointers at possible improvements

Technically Art: Issue 91 (26.03.2021)

  • collection of tech art tweets
  • covering art style demonstration, material creation, destruction, and much more

Wall Cutout in Shader Graph and URP

  • the tutorial explains an approach how to implement cutting walls into 3D walls
  • used method uses a screenspace projected sphere that is placed on walls using raycasting
  • implementation walkthrough is using visual scripting in Unity

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