Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 178 — April 11, 2021

Bindless Descriptors

  • the blog post provides a walkthrough of the bindless implementation in Wicked Engine for both Vulkan and D3D12
  • starting with an overview of what the bindless model is, how it interacts with subresource and different resource types
  • additionally presents the implementation considerations and device capabilities that need to be respected

Skyboxes in UE4

  • the article shows how to integrate skyboxes into UE4
  • explains how cube maps are encoded and how to write the shader to render them
  • additionally covers how to generate and convert data into the suitable format

With more than one million downloads and millions of end users, Cesium is defining the standard for 3D geospatial across industries from the construction site to the battlefield, from outer space to underground. We are in an extraordinary position and are looking for an extraordinary entrepreneurially-minded customer-focused JavaScript developer.

  • We need a skilled fast-moving JavaScript developer with experience in at least one tech stack using libraries and frameworks like Node.js, React, or similar.

  • A continuous learner who loves to explore emerging technologies, introduce innovations, and learn and improve their skill set.

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, wear multiple hats, and juggle multiple high-profile projects with competing deadlines.

Rendering large 3D tilemaps with a single draw call at 3000 FPS

  • the articles describes the evolution of a multiple layered tilemap renderer
  • starting at using the build-in Unity renderers, showing the incremental improvements
  • the final solution is a custom rendering stack that stores the layers as voxels, containing indices into texture array slices

[video] The Basics of SmoothStep, a Useful Shader Function in Unity URP

  • the video explains the smoothstep curve visually
  • provides examples of uses cases, including a showcase of a simple toon shading implementation

how do you calculate correct normals when doing vertex displacement shaders?

  • the Twitter thread provides a detailed explanation on how to correctly calculate normal vectors from vertex displacement


Graphics Engineer


Marmoset is the developer of Toolbag, an industry standard 3D rendering and authoring suite. We’re looking for experienced programmers to work on challenging problems in rendering, texture authoring, baking, and more. If you’re interested in pushing a GPU as far as it can go, we’d like to meet you.

Game Stack Live

  • registration for Microsoft’s online conference on April 20-21
  • includes talks about several new DirectX features, Xbox innovations, as well as talks from partners

[video] rendering numbers single quad

  • the video provides an in-depth walkthrough of a debugging vertex ID shader
  • IDs are visualized by generating camera facing quads with applied digits from a texture atlas

NeuMIP: Multi-Resolution Neural Materials

  • the paper presents a neural-network-based approach that is aimed at encoding detailed patterns into mipmap style lower resolution representations
  • introduces the idea of neural offset for improved handling of parallax effects

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