Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 181 — May 2, 2021

[video] Newton's Cradle: Setting up Materials

  • part 2 of the video tutorial that adds material support to the SDF based Newton Cradle implemented using ShaderToy
  • presents how to classify the objects into separate materials
  • adds support for cube map environment maps and reflections on the objects of the scene

The case of the curiously slow shader

  • the article presents a walkthrough how the author analyzed the slow shader performance on the GPU of the Pixel 4
  • shows how to detect occupancy, get access to the assembly instructions
  • ultimatly presents how reading the assembly showed the source of the performance problem, how it connects to shader memory model and how to possibly resolve it

Projective Geometric Algebra - Wiki

  • WIP wiki about Projective Geometric Algebra, specifically the four-dimensional Clifford algebra
  • a mathematical model that incorporates common computer graphics operations in a single algebraic structure

How to Obtain Stable GPU Measurements on Quest

  • the article presents how to setup UE and Unity to disable dynamic motions, user specific parts from profiling test
  • what system passes to disable to get stable GPU times

Technically Art: Issue 96 (30.04.2021)

  • collection of tech art tweets
  • covering UE4 weather systems, GPU instancing with Unity shader graphs
  • entries of tech art challenge, vegetation shading, and much more

Creating a Card Shader with 3D content

  • the article presents a walkthrough how to create a card shader
  • covers how to use stencil buffers to limit the 3d content
  • shows how to implement the view direction dependent parralax and reflctions

[video] NEW – Video: Radeon GPU Profiler v1.10

  • the video provides a summary of the new features in the radeon GPU profiler
  • covering cache counters and raytracing integration

Graphics technique names

  • twitter thread author provides summaries of 3 common technques
  • covering Ambient occlusion, Shadow pancaking and Waterfall loop

Hashing Space Hashing in an Arbitrary Grid

  • the tutorial explains how to generate consistent hashes based on integer positions
  • covering how to vectorize position and normal calculations
  • additionally presents how to correctly update normals to deal with non-linear scaling

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