Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 185 — May 30, 2021

A Macro View of Nanite

  • the article presents an overview of the Nanite Rendering pipeline using RenderDoc
  • shows how meshes are rasterized with adaptive cluster LODs
  • pipeline is based around visibility buffers, presents how materials are handled and integrated into the GBuffer
  • presents how a material depth buffer is used to speed up the material shading step

Unbiased VNDF Sampling for Backfacing Shading Normals

  • the paper presents an improved normalization for the Smith–GGX BRDF visible normal distribution function (VNDF)
  • previous methods cause brightening bias because of the mismatch between shading normals and geometry normals

[video] Basics of Mipmaps in Unity Part 2! Shaders, Bias, and Texture2DLOD!

  • the video tutorial shows how to implement the MIP selection algorithm using shader code
  • shows the effect of texture bias and presents possible use cases

Reliable Feature-Line Driven Quad-Remeshing

  • the paper presents a new algorithm for the semi-regular quadrangulation of arbitrary input surfaces
  • focuses on ensuring that all feature-lines are represented as patch boundaries

Infinite Grassland: Ray Traced Rare Semi-Uniform Entity Manifolds for Rendering Countless Discreta

  • the article presents a proof of concept stage technique to render grass using a screen-space ray-tracing based technique
  • shows how the entities are derived during the shading step from tracing into a grass area

[video] Introduction to Ray Tracing - Class 1

  • introductory Siggraph class about ray tracing
  • including an opening interview with Peter Shirley
  • overview of rendering equation and 2d shadertoy implementation

Triangle Grids

  • the article presents triangle grids
  • discussing what a triangle grid is, why to use them and how to use it

Thanks to Graham Wihlidal for support of this series.

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