Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 189 - June 27, 2021

An Unbiased Ray-Marching Transmittance Estimator

  • in-depth analysis of the sources of variance in state-of-the-art unbiased volumetric transmittance estimators
  • propose several new methods for improving the efficiency
  • improving truncated power-series estimators based on U-statistics

NVIDIA Research: An Analytic BRDF for Materials with Spherical Lambertian Scatterers

  • the paper presents a new BRDF for porous/dusty materials
  • these surfaces exhibit back-scattering and saturation that is missing from other BRDFs
  • based on a volumetric BRDF derivation based spherical Lambertian particles

Implementing Gamut Mapping

  • the article discusses how to implement gamut clipping into a render pipeline
  • compares different methods and presents the results with different lighting setups


Senior Research Engineer, Real-time Rendering


We are looking for a Senior Research Engineer to work on real-time rendering algorithms for visual effects, animation, and post-production software.

The role is about creating the next generation of artists and production tools, with a focus on virtual production. There is a focus on the role of improving, optimizing, and expanding the graphics capability within real-time renderers.

We are looking for people with a strong track record in graphics and real-time rendering with the desire to build real-world solutions for our artists.

i3D 2021 Keynote: Trace All The Rays!

  • describes the state of raytracing in games
  • presents a high-level overview of a Decoupled Real-Time Ray Tracing pipeline
  • shows where raytracing is used in games and what new problems it introduces
  • additionally presents 4 open problems in raytracing and how it interacts with other developments

Real-time Neural Radiance Caching for Path Tracing

  • the paper introduces a neural radiance caching method for path-traced global illumination
  • uses a self-training process to train the neural network at runtime

[video] Drawing Boxes and Rectangles in URP Shader Graph with 2D SDFs!

  • the video tutorial explains how to draw Squares, boxes, and rounded rectangles as SDFs
  • presents how to derive the SDFs and presents the extension into rotated shapes
  • additionally shows how to use rectangle SDFs to implement a brick wall

[video] Advanced Graphics Tutorial: Wakes, Explosions and Lighting: Interactive Water Simulation in Atlas

  • discusses how to generate ocean displacement, buoyancy,
  • rendering of the ocean as micro facets, how to calculate moments from the displacement
  • reflections (specular and environment), masking/shadowing, and light scattering inside the water surface
  • additionally covers interactions with the water, explosions, etc…

Deferred shading on mobile: An API overview

  • the article discusses local tile memory and mobile GPUs
  • presents how different usage patterns affect the ability to achieve optimal bandwidth usage
  • shows some OpenGL extensions that enable tile local memory usage
  • additionally, it shows how Vulkan Subpasses allow the driver to optimize shaders transparently

VK_EXT_multi_draw released for Vulkan

  • a new Vulkan extension that adds vkCmdDrawMultiEXT vkCmdDrawMultiIndexedEXT
  • these allow applications to provide an array of draw call arguments in CPU visible memory
  • for uses cases where applications would call vkCmdDraw multiple times in a loop without changing state
  • tests indicate that a doubling of draw call processing rate can be observed

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