Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 188 — June 20, 2021

BRDF Importance Sampling for Linear Lights

  • the paper presents a method for importance sampling linear lights such as fluorescent tubes
  • rendering unbiased, nearly noise-free diffuse and specular shading by sampling a linearly transformed cosine (LTCs)

How to get the most out of Smart Access Memory (SAM)

  • article describes how AMD Smart Access Memory allows applications full access to GPU local memory
  • provides information on how the memory is exposed
  • additionally provides performance advice on the usage

Supporting Native HDR Monitors

  • the article provides an introductory overview of HDR concepts
  • covering color spaces, color primaries, Transfer functions
  • presents the integration into our machinery
  • additionally covers blending, precision, and other common issues

A Polarizing Filter Function for Real-Time Rendering

  • the paper presents a polarizing filter function for specularly reflected light
  • support for direct and image-based light sources
  • presents integration into Falcor rendering framework

What’s new in Metal at WWDC21

  • the article shows an overview of new features and changes presented at WWDC21
  • covering raytracing integration into tile memory, motion blur, shadows, and improvements to raytracing debugging
  • additionally presents bindless binding, improved debugging tools as well as texture compression library

Using asynchronous compute on Arm Mali GPUs: A practical sample

  • the post shows how the Mali hardware operates and exposes multiple graphics queues
  • presents how to run multiple graphics and compute workloads in parallel
  • discussing performance and hardware considerations

Perceptual Lightness for Game Graphics

  • the blog presents a comparison between color’s luminance and lightness
  • shows that colors with the same luminance are perceived differently (The Helmholtz–Kohlrausch Effect)
  • presents different models that can express this
  • closing by presenting a few ideas the author thinks the models could be used to improve results

[video] All Blend Modes! Looking at the Shader Graph Blend Mode Filters

  • the video presents an overview of all blend modes supported from the shader graph node
  • shows the equation for each blend mode and discusses the effect

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