Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 194 - August 1, 2021

Free Ray Tracing Gems II Chapter Covers Ray Tracing in Remedy’s Control

  • presents how all ray-tracing based effects were implemented in the game Control
  • opaque and transparent reflections, near field indirect diffuse illumination, contact shadows, and denoiser tweaks

Visibility TAA and Upsampling with Subsample History

  • extension of the previously presented Decoupled Visibility Multisampling technique
  • underlying idea is to see 8xMSAA as a 2x2 group of pixels with 2xMSAA each
  • using the sample information for TAA upsampling

Swallowing the Elephant (Part 10): Rendering on the GPU—Finally

  • part of the series that discusses how GPU support for the Moana Island scene was added to pbrt-v4
  • presents an overview of ptex approaches chooses by others and shows the currently basic Ptex approximation used
  • shows a comparison between the CPU and GPU version
  • additionally discusses performance and optimizations

GPGPU, ML Inference, and Vulkan Compute

  • the blog discusses Vulkan usage for GPGPU workloads, in particular for machine learning
  • presents the varying requirements for machine learning and how Vulkan can be used to satisfy them
  • discusses how it interacts with the business aspects (OEM, platform holders, …)
  • additionally shows the authors view onto the current challenges and future developments


Senior Graphics Engineer

Germany (remote possible)

Threedy is a young Fraunhofer spin-off with a considerable number of high-profile customers in the german automotive sector.

We develop the Visual-Computing-as-a-Service platform instant3Dhub to enable our customers to leverage the true value of their 3D data in industrial applications – any data, any device, any size.

instant3Dhub has a strong focus on CAD data visualization, from browser-based to mixed reality applications and delivers out-of-the-box collaboration and augmented reality features.

We are looking for graphics programming enthusiasts to support our core development team for the 3D streaming with a focus on the evolution of our web frontend build on WebGL.

Real-Time Shading with Polyhedral Lights using Silhouette Detection

  • a Bachelor thesis that presents a method for GPU based silhouette generation from Polyhedral lights
  • uses an algorithm based on binary space partitioning for storing precomputed silhouettes for every point in the scene
  • additionally presents how to use Silhouettes for Solid Angle Sampling

[video] The Making of “Alpha Point”—UE5 Technical Demo | GDC 2021

  • GDC talk presents a walkthrough of the technical creation aspects of the demo
  • shows UE5 was used, discussing nanite limitations and how the different systems can be combined
  • additionally, art pipeline implications and findings
  • presenting performance numbers of lumen, nanite, upsampling, virtual textures, virtual shadow maps, …

Color Matching Function Comparison

  • the post compares different Color Matching Function (CMF) for use with spectral rendering techniques
  • provides an analytical approximation for the CIE 2006 CMF and provides how to calculate the D65 white point

2D Lighting Techniques

  • the article presents an overview of numerous techniques that can be used to implement lighting for a 2D game
  • discusses pros/cons of each technique
  • additionally shows limitations of the techniques

Vulkan Hardware Database updates

  • the Vulkan hardware database has been updated
  • texture format view now has a breakdown of what tiling mode is supported for each format
  • improved filtering, cleaned up data and color space added for surface formats

Thanks to Erika for support of this series.

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