Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 195 - August 8, 2021

Ray Tracing Gems II Available Today as Free Digital Download

  • free 800+ pages on raytracing
  • a large number of topics is covered, including the following
  • summary of photographic terms, sampling textures without automatic derivatives, visualizing and communicating errors in rendered images, multiple importance sampling 101, ray-traced decals, LODs, and much more
  • source code is available

Paper Digest: SIGGRAPH 2021 Highlights

  • list of 149 accepted SIGGRAPH-2021 papers
  • containing a machine-generated one-sentence summary for each paper

EXR: Lossless Compression

  • short blog post that tests EXR compression/decompression speed for the different available options


Senior Graphics Engineer

Germany (remote possible)

Threedy is a young Fraunhofer spin-off with a considerable number of high-profile customers in the german automotive sector.

We develop the Visual-Computing-as-a-Service platform instant3Dhub to enable our customers to leverage the true value of their 3D data in industrial applications – any data, any device, any size.

instant3Dhub has a strong focus on CAD data visualization, from browser-based to mixed reality applications and delivers out-of-the-box collaboration and augmented reality features.

We are looking for graphics programming enthusiasts to support our core development team for the 3D streaming with a focus on the evolution of our web frontend build on WebGL.

A call to brute force

  • author shows that path tracers are fundamentally simple if relying on pure brute force approaches
  • starting a discussion if a global rendering network would make it possible to render objects that are easily modeled with microgeometry but difficult to render efficiently

Swallowing the Elephant (Part 12): A Postscript On Disk Bandwidth

  • discussion of loading performance in pbrt-v4
  • showing how IO and CPU performance bottleneck change
  • comparing uncompressed and different compression options

A Little Bit About PRNG Stuff

  • article presents an in-depth discussion of Pseudorandom Number Generators
  • presenting different non Cryptographically generators
  • code examples are presented in Rust

Unity at SIGGRAPH 2021

  • overview of Unity at Siggraph
  • Unity is providing access to a basic level SIGGRAPH pass

Some Books

  • author suggested 3 books for computer graphics
  • covering raytracing, introduction to computer graphics as well as deep learning


Senior Rendering Engineer & Rendering Engineer

Liverpool based/remote work considered

We are looking for a Rendering Engineer with experience in developing high-quality, high-performance software: in games or otherwise.

This role will suit someone who is keen to take the next step forward in their career and in interactive tech. We are working on core immersive technology that spans the full range of XR, and this is an opportunity to help shape the future of spatial computing.

Simul is an established leader in real-time graphics middleware; the company’s customers include Bandai Namco, Microsoft Game Studios, Sony, and Ubisoft. In 2020, Simul won the TIGA 2020 Best Technical Innovation Award for our work on trueSKY, the leading real-time weather SDK. We have a culture of agile development focused on quality, performance and precision. We believe in equal opportunity and a diverse, inclusive and supportive workplace.

You will be:

  • Researching and developing new immersive technologies,
  • Working in an agile team,
  • Finding and fixing bugs and performance issues,
  • Profiling and optimizing CPU, GPU and network code,
  • Representing Simul at technical and non-technical events, in-person and online.

The benefits Simul offers are:

  • Flexible remote working,
  • Regular salary reviews and career progression,
  • 22 days holiday + bank holidays,
  • Dedicated self-development time.

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