Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 197 - August 22, 2021

Temporal Antialiasing Starter Pack

  • the article presents a collection of TAA resources
  • provides a step by step explanation of how to use the resources to implement a basic TAA solution
  • also provides pointers at possible problems and what could be improved
  • additionally provides a collection of links to other open TAA implementations

[video] The Beauty of Bézier Curves

  • the video shows how bezier curves are defined, how they are used
  • explains how to derive the formulation and aspects of these curves with very helpful visualizations

Writing Portable Rendering Code with NVRHI

  • Nvidia open-sourced their internal abstraction layer on top of D3D11, D3D12, and Vulkan
  • the article explains how resource lifetime is managed with ref counting
  • pipeline binding layout, state tracking, and resource upload management
  • additionally, it contains a tool that can generate shader permutations from a text file with shader options


Senior Render Programmer

Prague, Czech Republic, remote work considered

We are searching for a highly skilled and experienced Senior Render Programmer.

You could be developing state-of-the-art rendering solutions for our in-house game engine VRAGE, games such as Space Engineers or new, unannounced projects.

You’ll be working as part of the Rendering team, working closely with the Art and Design teams to help them achieve the artistic vision for our games.

SIGGRAPH 2021 Links

  • collection of links to Siggraph 2021 content
  • Courses, papers, posters, …

Better GPU Hash Tables

  • the paper presents three different variations of static hash tables for GPU usage
  • comparing bucketed cuckoo, bucketed power-of-two-choices, and iceberg hash table implementation

5 ways to draw an outline

  • the articles shows Rim Effects, Vertex Extrusion, Blurred Buffer, Jump Flood Algorithm, and Edge Detection
  • shows examples of each technique, discussing the implementation, advantages, and disadvantages of each technique

PIX 2108.18: New programmatic capture APIs and much more

  • new PIX for windows APIs that allow applications to take a capture programmatically without having to run the application through pix
  • improved Acceleration Structure Viewer

Pilotier is a startup tackling one of the toughest outstanding engineering challenges: autonomous urban driving. We are taking a camera-first approach and are designing for hardware that is two to three years out. If you like big challenges and working with smart people, join us on our quest.

Your job will be to collaborate with simulation and deep learning engineers and help us build a ground-breaking product from scratch.

You have an eclectic background. You’ve delved deep into the graphics pipeline. You’ve worked with game engines. Maybe you’ve built your own. You’ve written many lines of C++ (even though maybe you secretly can’t stand it). You like solving hard problems, startups, and working with smart people. Nothing scares you. Vulkan? Hah! Maybe you’ve dabbled with functional programming languages, like Erlang or Elixir. Perhaps even Haskell. You’re independent and self-motivated. You love learning new things. Nothing is impossible, some things just take a bit longer to figure out. It’s just code.

We are based in Montreal but are all remote, so your physical location is not an issue.

Read My Chapter in Ray Tracing Gems II!

  • the article provides a summary of the Using Bindless Resources With DirectX Raytracing chapter from Ray Tracing Gems II
  • the author emphasizes additional points about bindless and the impacts on rendering engine design

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