Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 199 - September 5, 2021

My personal hell of translating DXIL to SPIR-V – part 1

  • start of an article series discussing DXIL with the intended usage of conversion to SPIR-V
  • first part starts with simpler examples to explain the principles of DXIL
  • library developer speaking from experience developing vkd3d-proton and the dxil-spirv library

Vulkan’s Best Practice layer now has AMD-specific checks

  • AMD published a Vulkan layer that analyzes the API usage
  • checks against the recommendations from the Performance Guide

Vulkan Layer Symbiosis within the Vulkan Ecosystem

  • the whitepaper provides an overview of the Vulkan layer validation tool
  • presents how the different components of the layer infrastructure combine and interact
  • shows how layers are defined, settings exposed, and user control presented

Access modern GPU features with WebGPU

  • WebGPU is slowly rolled out into mainstream Chrome versions
  • article presents the timeline as well as reading starting points
  • developers are looking for feedback and developer testing

Technically Art: Issue 108 (03.09.2021)

  • collection of Tech Art tweets
  • covering procedural animation, waterfall simulations, particles, and much more

Thanks to Nathan Reed for support of this series.

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