Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 217 - January 9, 2022

[video] PhD Thesis Fast Forward 2021

  • the video contains the summary and overviews of Siggraph PhD thesis
  • covering a large spectrum of resources from collision sounds, AR prototyping, Subsurface scattering and more
  • each summary is less than 3 minutes long

Cache and Bandwidth Aware Real-time Subsurface Scattering

  • the PhD thesis provides an overview of Subsurface scattering techniques and proposes a taxonomy of techniques
  • the thesis introduces a real-time adaptive sampling algorithm for Monte Carlo sampling using temporal reuse
  • additionally shows how to counteract oversampling in dynamic scenes

Sphere Scene in Unity URP

  • the article explains how to set up an effect that allows meshes to appear cut at the boundaries of a sphere
  • shows how to not render pixels outside the sphere and deal with special effects for the inside of objects
  • code implementation is done using Unity

[video] You Might Be Thinking About Shader Performance Wrong

  • the video focuses on visualizations of GPU performance considerations
  • focusing on memory latency hiding and memory access optimizations in the context of a water simulation system
  • one small correction, the author says cache coherency but actually means cache locality

Mali GPU Training

  • a collection of video resources for GPU development
  • contains generic resources such as an explanation of GPU rendering pipeline, and best practices
  • provides information about the Mali tools and optimizations that are hardware-specific

[video] Skeletal Animation In OpenGL using Assimp - Part 2

  • the second part of the series explains the mapping between vertices and bones
  • focuses on explaining a step to step approach that visualizes the data to allow functionality confirmation

Insider guide to tech interviews

  • the article provides an in-depth discussion of the interview process for more experienced developers
  • discussing the different interview styles, kinds of questions, tasks
  • additionally provides an insight into how to discuss previous work, interview process, and clear communication about expectations

Thanks to Daniel Fortes for support of this series.

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