Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 218 - January 16, 2022

Texture Gathers and Coordinate Precision

  • the article presents a deep dive into a gather related artifact
  • discusses texture filtering, how fixed point is involved and how many bits of sub-pixel precision is used on different GPU vendors
  • shows the necessary parts in the Vulkan and D3D spec to understand why an offset is required to match the hardware behavior

Instant Neural Graphics Primitives with a Multiresolution Hash Encoding

  • the paper presents a multi-resolution hash table of trainable feature vectors
  • the presented system focuses on the task-independent encoding of relevant details and can be applied to a variety of tasks
  • shows the ideas applied Gigapixel images, Neural SDF, NeRF, as well as Neural volumes

[video] Triplanar Projection Improvements - Shader Graph Basics - Episode 29

  • the video improves the tri-planar projection shader (allows texture mapping without UVs)
  • shows how to make sure that texture directions are correct on all sides of the projection
  • additionally shows how to convert the node graphs into a single node to make it usable from other shaders more easily

[video] Interactive Graphics 01 - Introduction

  • introduction to a university course that covers the fundamental concepts of real-time rendering on the GPU
  • the course is project-based, explaining the concepts and applying them in OpenGL examples

[video] Useful functions for game designers - Lagrange Interpolation

  • the video explains how to derive the Lagrange Interpolation functions
  • presents how to use desmos to visualize the derivation process

Technically Art: Issue 119 (14.01.2022)

  • an extensive collection of a large variety of tech art tweets collected into a single post
  • contains VFX, demos, art showcases, and a large number of exciting demonstrations
  • also contains an example that visualizes GPU execution patterns

[video] New Weather Simulator: Almost Perfect!

  • Two Minute Papers video summary of the Weatherscapes: Nowcasting Heat Transfer and Water Continuity paper
  • shows a new model to simulate weather effects using the microphysics of water

VK_KHR_dynamic_rendering tutorial

  • the tutorial shows how to use the VK_KHR_dynamic_rendering extension in Vulkan
  • shows the steps required to load the extension, use it, and how it affects related components such as pipeline creation

[video] Shader Coding for Beginners 2022 [Part 1]

  • the first part of a shader coding course (6 hours!) focusing on textual shaders using Unity
  • explaining the fundamentals of the rendering pipeline, focusing on applicable knowledge across engines

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