Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 233 - May 1, 2022

Faster Visibility Buffer/Deferred Material Rendering via Analytical Attribute Interpolation using Ray Differentials

  • the post presents a method for reducing the size of visibility output buffers and the effect on performance
  • shows that it’s more efficient to recalculate ray differentials than it is to rely on hardware differentials to be stored in additional channels

How to build a BVH – part 4: Animation

  • the article presents how to update a BVH tree for an animated mesh
  • introduces the refitting technique to allow fast adjustments of an existing BVH tree for changing triangle data

Identifying Shader Limiters with the Shader Profiler in NVIDIA Nsight Graphics

  • the article presents a walkthrough of how to use GPU Trace Analysis and GPU Profiler to identify performance issues in a shader
  • presents examples of cases that show different limits

A Dataset and Explorer for 3D Signed Distance Functions

  • the paper presents a database of 63 optimized and regularized SDF functions of varying complexity
  • additionally, a tool for viewing and inspection is provided

A driver on the GPU

  • the article discusses the complexities of implementing ExecuteIndirect from a driver’s perspective
  • presents what kind of functionality is affected and how it affects driver maintainability
  • presents a look at the capabilities of VK_NV_device_generated_commands

[video] Using Ray Casting To Move 3D Objects

  • the video on how to implement ray-casting from the cursor position into a 3D world to allow the movement of objects
  • discusses the necessary mathematical transformations
  • presents how to implement the technique using OpenGL

Agility SDK 1.602.0

  • the blog post presents the new capabilities of the agility SDK
  • new optional features allow the reduction of alignment requirements
  • it additionally clarifies the copy behavior between resources of different dimensionality

Twitter Thread: Games for the original #PS1 had a unique visual look

  • the thread explains the history of the PS1 hardware and how it defined the look of the games of the generation

Windows Graphics News – 2022 Q1

  • a collection of news from the graphics windows development world
  • covering PIX, OpenGL on ARM, Dynamic Refresh Rate, as well as win11 updates

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