Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 238 - June 5, 2022

Overview of global illumination in kajiya renderer

  • the article provides a high-level description of the techniques used
  • based on a meshless camera-aligned irradiance cache
  • heavily relying on ReSTIR for many of the techniques
  • animations help to explain the processes involved
  • discusses what situations are well suited for the technique as well as what are the limitations

[video] SIGGRAPH 2022: Technical Papers Trailer

  • video showing an overview of some of the papers to be presented at Siggraph 2022
  • covering fluid simulation, sound generation, physics, learned locomotion, and much more

How to build a BVH – part 9a: To the GPU

  • the article presents the first part on how to convert a C++ raytracing kernel to OpenCL
  • presents the differences between the language semantics and how to convert C++ code step by step
  • it additionally provides a quick start guide to the provided OpenCL template code

[Twitter Thread] D3D12 - specialization constants

  • the Twitter thread discusses a restricted version of specialization constants for D3D12 usage
  • presented method is based on patching DXIL and letting the native compiler optimize the instructions when converting to native instructions


Senior Research Engineer

United Kingdom

This role is a fantastic opportunity to work on the development of an exciting research project in Virtual Production as part of our Real-Time Research team.

The role involves developing new tools and adapting existing Foundry technology for real-time workflows in Virtual Production and the visual-effects industry.

The project will work closely with clients in film to bring the tools from concept through to market.

An Idea for Visualization of Frame Times

  • a short article that discusses some ideas to represent frame time in graphs
  • showing issues with different methods and suggesting rectangles proportional to frame time taken

[video] Hex Grid Normal Tiling - Shader Graph Basics - Episode 48

  • the video tutorial shows the issue when hex-tiling (as discussed in the previous part) is applied to normals
  • presents how to resolve the normal map orientation mismatches
  • implementation is shown using Unity and Unreal visual shader languages

OpenGL Introduction - GPU Computing

  • a beginner level focused article that introduces OpenGL compute shaders
  • shows how to fill a texture with a scrolling color gradient

[video] NVIDIA Renders Millions of Light Sources!

  • the video paper summary presents the ReSTIR introductory paper
  • presents a comparison between previous techniques as well as the biased and unbiased version of ReSTIR
  • it additionally presents how it interacts with upscaling techniques

[video] How to turn your 2d fractal into 3d!

  • the video shows how to extend a 2D Koch curve SDF into 3D using shadertoy
  • presents a walkthrough of the implementation of 2 different methods
  • implementation is done using shadertoy

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