Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 237 - May 29, 2022

Accelerating raytracing using software vrs

  • the article presents how to use compute-shader based Variable Rate shading techniques to reduce the cost of raytracing
  • shows how to decide on the shading rate per-tile
  • compares a thread based rejection efficiency against wave-based rejection

How to build a BVH – part 8: Whitted-Style

  • the article extends the BVH constructed over the last couple of posts to implement a more complete raytracer using it
  • shows how to extend the barycentric coordinates to implement texture sampling and generate per-pixel normals
  • it additionally shows how to implement reflections and recursive raytracing

Removing blur from images – deconvolution and using optimized simple filters

  • the detailed post presents the basis knowledge required for a single image deconvolution (remove blur) filter
  • it discusses the theory, algebraic, and frequency domain approaches
  • it additionally shows how to combine all the elements to create filters for linear deconvolution

PIX 2205.24: Unlocking Arm and Qualcomm development

  • the blog post presents that PIX is now supported on Arm devices
  • additionally, Qualcomm added a plugin to allow hardware counter collection on many devices

Basic Shadow Mapping // Intermediate OpenGL Series

  • the video tutorial presents how to implement shadow mapping using OpenGL
  • shows the necessary theory underlying the technique
  • then proceeds to show the different aspects of the implementation
  • additionally, it presents common problems of the algorithm and how to resolve them

Meshlets and How to Shade Them: A Study on Texture-Space Shading

  • the paper presents the idea of the usage of a meshlet atlas for texture space shading
  • the presented technique is based on meshlets and transforms per-meshlet information into texture space where shading for the samples will take place
  • shows how to use meshlets as the basis for texture space management to use the available texture space efficently
  • additionally compares quality and performance against other methods

WebGPU Buffer upload best practices

  • the blog post describes the different methods WebGPU offers to upload data from the CPU to the GPU
  • shows different use patterns and what the advantages/disadvantages of each method are

Behind the Pretty Frames: Elden Ring

  • the article presents a frame breakdown of the PC version of Elden Ring
  • shows the different passes, from color passes to post-processing, and finally UI composition

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