Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 236 - May 22, 2022

[video] The Road to Vulkan: Teaching Modern Low-Level APIs in Introductory Graphics Courses | EG 2022, Reims

  • the video provides a summary of the findings of teaching both OpenGL and Vulkan as part of the Introductory Graphics Courses
  • compares the challenges and experiences of students, as well as the workload required
  • it additionally provides pointers on how to teach Vulkan to beginners in the most efficient way

[video] Rust Graphics Meetup 2

  • the second edition of the Rust graphics developer meetup
  • covers the WGPU implementation of resource lifetime tracking and barrier detection logic
  • Additionally covers performance optimizations required to speed up these systems

[video] Texture Tiling Without Repetition - Shader Graph Basics - Episode 47

  • the video explains how to use hexagonal texture sampling/blending to create a shader that allows less noticeable texture tiling
  • presents the logic, explaining step by step how to create the shader
  • using visual shader graphs using Unity and Unreal

DirectStorage speculations & myths

  • the article shows what the DirectStorage API enables on PC
  • presents what workloads can be accelerated by using the API and what API limitations exist
  • additionally presents workloads outside of games that could benefit

Permutation Coding for Vertex-Blend Attribute Compression

  • 15 min video explaining the concept has been added
  • discussed in more detail in week 231

How to build a BVH – part 7: Consolidate

  • the article expands the the previous BVH implementation with the necessary logic to support UV and Normals
  • shows how to calculate the intersection point Barycentrics coordinates and how to interpoliate vertex arguments
  • additonally points out the importance of data seperation for good performance

[video] I3D 2022 Day 1 — Tuesday, May 3

  • video recording of the I3D 2022 conference, all 3 days are available
  • covering a large amount of topics, including soft shadows, vertex compression, interactive plume, machine learning for humanoid models, …

[video] AMD's Ray Tracing Research

  • the video provides a summary of AMD rayracing research
  • covering global illumination sampling and multi-resolution geometric representation, stochastic light sampling
  • additionally introduces the Orochi library to unify CUDA and AMD HIP gpu execution

Advanced API Performance: Variable Rate Shading

  • the article provides a brief overview of VRS modes available
  • performance advice for how it affects hardware limits
  • additionally gives some recommendations on what workloads can benefit from VRS usage

Thanks to Daniel Fortes for support of this series.

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