Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 245 - July 24, 2022

Efficently rendering glTF models

  • the article discusses how to load and process glTF models for efficient execution
  • presented techniques aimed at WebGPU but mainly applicable to D3D12/Vulkan as well

Behind the Pretty Frames: Resident Evil

  • a super detailed analysis of the RE Engine used by Resident Evil
  • shows the passes, what data structures are used, and detailed breakdowns of the effects of the passes

[video] Shadow Mapping Unleashed! // Intermediate OpenGL Series

  • the video tutorial explains common shadow problems and why they occur
  • proceeds to present different solutions to the issues and compare the methods

Double Fine Productions is looking for a full time graphics programmer to join its San Francisco based development studio. Having recently shipped the award winning Psychonauts 2, we are looking to expand our graphics and systems programming team to support the development of our future titles.

You will be responsible for developing rendering features, optimizing game performance and memory usage, and building low level systems on PC and Xbox.

Applicants should have a strong preference for working in a highly creative, innovative, and nimble development environment, where collaborating with design, audio, art, animation, tech, and other disciplines is standard.

High Performance Graphics 2022 papers on the web

  • list of papers presented at High-Performance Graphics 2022
  • contains links to the projects, papers, and youtube videos if available

[video] Rain Drips On The Lens Post-Process Effect - Shader Graph Basics - Episode 54

  • the video tutorial presents how to implement a fullscreen camera space rain effect
  • implementation is done using Unity and Unreal visual shader system

[video] Spartan Engine Livestream #2: FSR 2.0 Integration

  • the stream shows a practical example of how to implement FSR 2.0 into the authors’ personal engine
  • presents the complete process, including example project setup, engine integration, and testing

Swallowing the elephant into Blender

  • collecting of optimizations done to reduce the Moana USD scene import time into Blender from 3 hours to 1.5 minutes
  • includes generally applicable advice for performant CPU code implementations

Some SIGGRAPH 2022 Info

  • a collection of advice for SIGGRAPH 2022 (virtual) attendees
  • list of links and events around the event

Performance Boosts and Enhanced Features in New Nsight Graphics, Nsight Aftermath Releases

  • article presents improvements in the new Nsight and Aftermath releases
  • improved Ray Tracing Acceleration Structure Viewer and VK_KHR_graphics_pipeline_library extension support for Nsight graphics
  • Aftermath has better support for tracking page faults from data writes

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