Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 247 - August 7, 2022

High-Performance Graphics 2022

  • the program has been updated with links to the recording of all talks
  • not all papers are available yet; only the author-released copies are available at this time

Vertex packing

  • the article describes the trade-offs between storing vertex information in a single buffer compared to storing the data across multiple streams
  • presents how splitting can have a positive impact on cache usage as well as reduced power consumption

Paper Digest: SIGGRAPH 2022 Highlights

  • a collection of papers presented at SIGGRAPH 2022 with a one-sentence summary
  • provides links to the ACM entries that provide access to the papers

Comparison of single image HDR reconstruction methods — the caveats of quality assessment

  • the paper presents that common image metrics are not a great metric to detect the subjective quality of HDR reconstruction methods
  • shows that only significant changes in metric results are likely to be an improvement
  • suggests that color shifts are more noticeable to the human perception system than most metrics

[video] Microfacet BRDF: Theory and Implementation of Basic PBR Materials [Shaders Monthly #9]

  • the video shows how to implement the Cook-Torrance microfacet BRDF
  • provides an overview of the theory first
  • shows how to implement the technique with GLSL

HLSL Shader Model 6.7

  • the spec for the new features of shader model 6.7 has been released
  • contains summaries and links to the detailed specification section for each feature

Shaders Explained: Gradients

  • the article presents how to write a metal shader to generate a 1D gradient
  • this is taken as the basis and expanded to generate a 2D, radial, and angular gradients
  • source code is provided

Porting AnKi to Android… again after ~8 years

  • the article contains a small overview of steps taken to port the AnKi engine to support Android
  • discusses how the problem was broken down, issues encountered, and workarounds required

[video] Fog Rendering - Part 1 // ShaderX2 In Practice Series

  • the video tutorial presents how to implement 3 different methods of distance fogs from the ShaderX2 book (released in 2003)
  • implementation is shown in OpenGL/GLSL
  • presents a comparison of the three presented techniques

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