Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 263 - November 27th, 2022


  • discusses issues with the current Vulkan binding model
  • presents how the new descriptor buffer extension allows decoupling draw calls from the descriptor binding
  • presents how it helps with the D3D12 layer and can solve common issues with the current binding model
  • it additionally covers how this extension also allows GPU timeline descriptor copying

How to make Sage's ice wall ability from Valorant

  • the tutorial explains how to create an ice wall VFX inspired from the game Valorant in Godot
  • covers the code setup, art asset creation as well as shader authoring


3D Tools Engineer

Remote Work

Marmoset, developer of the real-time rendering software, Marmoset Toolbag, is looking for an experienced developer to help build bigger and better software tools for 3D artists.

The responsibilities of a Tools Engineer on the Marmoset team will focus on technical design and implementation of UI systems, and refining the user experience for new and existing workflows in 3D art production.

Technically Art: Issue 135 (25.11.2022)

  • contains a collection of tweets covering procedural texturing with MaterialX, shader VFX examples
  • WIP and prototype effects, as well as VFX breakdowns

[video] Car Paint Shader - Advanced Materials - Episode 9

  • the video tutorial presents several techniques for creating a car paint shader
  • covers base coloring, the addition of sparkles, as well as a clear-coat layer
  • additionally presents how to implement a carbon fiber material
  • implementation is shown in Unity and Unreal visual shader authoring

Shader Reflection using the DirectX Shader Compiler

  • the article presents how to use the DXC library to compile and gather information from compiled D3D12 shaders
  • shows how to use the API to generate root signatures


Senior Graphics Programmer

San Francisco, CA (remote work is an option)

Double Fine Productions is looking for a full time graphics programmer to join its San Francisco based development studio. Having recently shipped the award winning Psychonauts 2, we are looking to expand our graphics and systems programming team to support the development of our future titles.

You will be responsible for developing rendering features, optimizing game performance and memory usage, and building low level systems on PC and Xbox.

Applicants should have a strong preference for working in a highly creative, innovative, and nimble development environment, where collaborating with design, audio, art, animation, tech, and other disciplines is standard.

Brotli-G: An open-source compression/decompression standard for digital assets that is compatible with GPU hardware

  • AMD introduces a GPU-compatible implementation of the Brotli lossless compression algorithm
  • the SDK provides a CPU compressor and a compute shader implementation of the decompressor
  • code is released as open-source using the MIT license

Introduction of the ASTC Texture Compression

  • the article provides an overview of the different ASTC Texture Compression formats available
  • shows the quality and file size that can be expected for gradients, normal maps, as well as facial albedo textures

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