Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 266 - December 18th, 2022

Introducing AMD Render Pipeline Shaders SDK

  • This article provides an overview of the Render Pipeline SDK design and implementation
  • it shows how the SDK can reduce the complexity of render graph implementations
  • presents that it’s able to manage resource barriers and transient memory
  • additionally presents a demonstration of the performance effects that could be observed from real game workloads
  • video version is available

Introduction of the Raytracing Technology Part 1

  • the article provides an overview and history of raytracing
  • it covers different styles of raytracing, common elements
  • additionally provides a brief on how different phenomena can be simulated

[video] Heightmaps // Terrain Rendering episode 1

  • the video is the start of a new video series to render a height map using OpenGL
  • shows how to load and render a terrain from a textural heightmap

[video] World Normal Mix Shader in Godot

  • the video tutorial shows how to implement a shader in Godot that mixes two textures into a single material based on the normal directions of the mesh
  • explains all the necessary vector space transformations, how to unpack normals as well as combine normals

[video] CUDA 12 New Features and Beyond

  • the video discusses new features in Cuda 12 and a look at future developemnts
  • covering Dynamic Parallelism (GPU side task launching), lazy loading to reduce load time and memory usage
  • additionally covers updates to the CUDA compiler, math library updates as well as compability updates

GM Shaders Mini: Fluids

  • the article presents a technique to improve the look of a particle based fluid system
  • uses Metaballs to more smoothly blend the particles together as well as simple Refraction model
  • implementation is provided in GLSL for Game Maker

Bringing Nvidia® and AMD support to oneAPI

  • the article explains how the oneAPI API can be used to target intel, nvidia and AMD GPUs
  • presents a high level explanation of the technical implementation and goals for the future

Thanks to Jon Greenberg for support of this series.

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