Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 278 - March 12th, 2023

Stylized Water Shader

  • the tutorial explains how to create a Stylized Water Shader using Unity from start to finish
  • show how to calculate water depth, apply underwater color, waves, foam shading, and more to create the effect
  • presents the results of the different effects and how to tweak them for the desired results

Generalization of Adobe's Fresnel Model

  • the short paper presents an extension to the Adobe Standard Material model that allows specific reflectance at 90 degrees and the ability to control the interpolation exponent
  • discusses reflectance models limitations, evolutions, and proposed solutions

Introduction to Spherical Harmonics

  • the article aims to provide an understanding of Spherical Harmonics without requiring advanced mathematics
  • develops the intuition from 2D cases before expanding into an extra dimension
  • additionally discusses why 3rd order Spherical harmonics are commonly used in computer graphics

[video] Sharp Text Shader - Advanced Materials - Episode 18

  • the video tutorial shows how to create a text shader using signed distance fields and how to develop data for use with the effect
  • compares the result against a classical texture approach
  • implementation is shown using Unity and Unreal visual scripting

The Year of the Vulkan Book

  • the article discusses the author’s experience of writing “Mastering Graphics Programming with Vulkan”
  • explains the approach taken to concept development, lessons learned along the way and a look at what could be improved

Vectors, Matrices & Matrix Order

  • the article discusses matrix and vector representation
  • shows the distinction between logical row vs. vector and the memory order
  • explains the effects of different layouts for multiplication order
  • additionally lists the pros/cons of different combinations

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