Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 282 - April 9th, 2023

Matrix Compendium

  • the article provides a central place for matrix understanding for computer graphics
  • explains storage and multiplication order, how they are expressed in HLSL and GLSL
  • explains coordinate system handedness, what the left-hand/right-hand rules are
  • additionally presents some questions that help to detect conventions used if applications did not document their choices

Random Sampling Experiments: Avoid The Sides!

  • the blog post shows different sampling strategies
  • presents the patterns along 1D lines, 2D squares as well as 2D circles

Shader Tutorial: Color Correction

  • the tutorial explains how to apply color modifications in shaders
  • shows how to modify luminance, saturation, brightness, or contrast
  • implementation is provided using Unity shaders

[video] Stylized Grass and the many techniques available in UE to reach the desired style & performance

  • the long Video explains detailed how to render a Stylized grass
  • covers the art creation, shader logic, performance considerations
  • additionally covers how to apply movement, occlude parts if intersecting with the camera, LOD setup, and much more

Subspace Culling for Ray–Box Intersection

  • the paper proposes a new solution to accelerate AABB when used as BVH for objects that are thin and diagonal
  • the solution presented embeds a binary voxel data structure for each node and showed how to use these to reduce false positives
  • additionally presents how to use a LUT to compress the voxel data

Efficient Spatial Resampling Using the PDF Similarity

  • the paper introduces a new rejection method based on the PDF shape similarity between pixels for single-bounce ReSTIR
  • this helps to reduce spatial resampling across shadow edges and material boundaries

World Space Path Resampling

  • the article presents an overview of ReSTIR/ReGIR, explaining similarities and differences between the techniques
  • shows how to set up reservoirs to allow spatial path reuse

let's talk about normals

  • the article presents the difference between Object Normals, Tangent Normals as well as World Normals

Thanks to Max R.R. Collada for support of this series.

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