Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 281 - April 2nd, 2023

Mesh Shaders and Meshlet Culling in Metal 3

  • the article presents an overview of use cases for mesh shaders
  • shows how to implement a mesh shader implementation that breaks down a mesh into parts and culls these
  • presents frustum culling and cone culling for a meshlet-based model

You Can Use Vulkan Without Pipelines Today

  • the blog post introduces the VK_EXT_shader_object extension that allows Vulkan to be used without pipeline objects
  • instead, applications create shader objects for each stage (and optionally link these). All state setting is dynamic
  • the article describes performance expectations that drivers need to follow if they report the feature as supported
  • additionally describes how to test the feature on hardware today

A Generalized Ray Formulation For Wave-Optics Rendering

  • the paper introduces a generalized ray concept into wave-optical light transport
  • presents how to use the generalized concept to apply path tracing sampling techniques to wave behavior modeling
  • shows how the technique compares in quality and performance to existing techniques

Agility SDK 1.710.0-preview: GPU Upload Heaps and Non-normalized Sampling

  • the new D3D12 SDK adds support for CPU and GPU shared heaps on iGPUs and GPUs with re-bar support
  • additionally adds support for texel coordinate sampling

GM Shaders Mini: Derivatives

  • the article explains what function derivatives are and how they are helpful in shaders
  • presents a couple of examples to show derivatives in action

Practical Projective Geometric Algebra

  • slides of the GDC talking covering Geometric Algebra have been released
  • the presentation covers the building blocks of the algebra and how it connects to concepts from other algebras
  • shows how common operations and primitives can be represented using Geometric Algebra concepts

[video] Coding Adventure: Ray Tracing

  • the detailed video tutorial shows how to implement raytracing applications
  • explains and implements concepts such as reflection, simple sky models, depth of field, lighting, and much more

PIX and ID3D12ManualWriteTrackingResource

  • the new API allows applications to disable the use of kernel WRITE_WATCH for CPU-visible GPU memory
  • applications promise to track access and inform pix explicitly instead of relying on the OF
  • this is required because of limitations in win10 and non-insider builds of windows 11 today that affect performance negatively

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