Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 280 - March 26th, 2023

GDC 2023: Introducing the FidelityFX SDK with new technologies, an early look at FSR 3 + more!

  • AMD released the videos and slides from the sponsored session at GDC23
  • covers the new FidelityFX SDK, Real-time sparse distance fields for games, temporal upscaling as well as direct storage

Real-time sparse distance fields for games

  • the presentation introduces the implementation of Brixelizer, an AMD real-time generator for sparse distance fields
  • discusses what sparse distance fields are, how they can be generated
  • followed by a discussion of how Brixelizer can be used to generate the necessary data

Introduction to Spherical Gaussians

  • the article introduces Spherical Gaussians based on the Spherical Harmonics covered in the last part
  • presents how these two representations differ, strengths and weaknesses
  • additionally introduces Ambient Cube encoding for diffuse lighting

DNND 2: Tensors and Convolution

  • the second article of the series continues uncovering how Deep Neural Networks are implemented
  • looking at aim to reconstruct the Intel Open Image Denoise open-source library
  • explains the concept of Tensors, Convolution, and how these concepts are combined to form Convolutional Neural Networks

[video] Geomipmapping // Terrain Rendering episode #6

  • the terrain video tutorial series introduces a continuous level of detail for geometric details
  • explains the implementation of Geomipmapping, discussing the vertex number requirements and how to deal with edges between LODs
  • implementation with OpenGL is provided

Raytracing on AMD’s RDNA 2/3, and Nvidia’s Turing and Pascal

  • the article uses the AMD and Nvidia dev tools to take a look at how they approach the BVH building process
  • compares different hardware and presents performance comparisons
  • Hogwarts Legacy and Cyberpunk 2077 are used as examples

Thanks to Angel Ortiz for support of this series.

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