Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 291 - June 11th 2023

Far Cry Dunia Engine Shader Pipeline - Long-term Vision & Lessons Learned

  • the presentation covers the development story of the Far Cry shader system
  • shows how over multiple games, the architecture was iteratively improved to solve the D3D12 transitions
  • focuses on how the PSO design was approached by making all PSO information known during build time
  • presents techniques to reduce PSO hitching by skipping draw calls, introducing optional variations, and allowing fallbacks

Modern Mobile Rendering @ HypeHype

  • the talk covers how the author designed a new rendering architecture aimed at mobile hardware
  • presents how an iterative API Design was utilized
  • covering the resulting solution and reasons for the design decisions
  • much in-depth advice to consider for the best performance in different mobile GPUs

Day Night Cycle using LUT in Fragment Shader of Materials

  • the article presents how a LUT (Look Up Table) can be used to apply a color transformation to convert a daytime scene into a nighttime
  • presents how to express a color transformation into a texture and how to apply it from a shader
  • discusses implementation considerations and how to reduce color banding

CG Spotlight Slides - Screen Space Indirect Lighting with Visibility Bitmask

  • slides covering Screen Space Indirect Lighting with Visibility Bitmask
  • presents how bitmasks are used to track visibility along the visibility horizon
  • show how this allows you to handle objects with thickness better
  • additionally shows performance and image results

Peeling back the varnish: The graphics of Diablo IV

  • the blog post covers a high-level overview of topics covering Diablo IV graphics techniques
  • discusses the guiding principles, the interaction with tech art
  • shows how HDR enables an improvement in visual quality
  • additionally provides an overview of resolution/refresh rates on consoles as well as graphics options

Bring your game to Mac, Part 2: Compile your shaders

  • the presentation presents how to convert the D3D12 shader for use with metal
  • presents a shader converter tool that converts DXIL into metal shader IR
  • this tool also supports the conversion of tesselation shaders into mesh shaders
  • additionally presents performance pitfalls and advice to bind resources to the pipeline efficiently

[video] OpenGL vs. Direct3D - Servan Keondjian & Casey Muratori

  • the 2-hour interview discusses the history of the development of Graphics APIs
  • discusses the origins of APIs, how OpenGl and Direct3D came to be
  • tradeoffs, design decisions, and many insights into the history of computer graphics

[video] I3D 2023 Keynote A Glimpse of Neural Rendering's Future by Marco Salvi

  • the keynote presents an overview of the state of the art in neural rendering
  • covering image reconstruction, texture compression, mesh simplification, and others
  • presents a look at what might be coming next in research and open areas for further development

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