Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 293 - June 25th 2023

Real-Time Ray Tracing of Micro-Poly Geometry with Hierarchical Level of Detail

  • the paper introduces a method that enables micro-poly geometry for raytracing workloads
  • geometry is preprocessed, clusters formed and simplified into a compressed hierarchical level of detail representation
  • presents how using clusters enables fast BVH building
  • in the appendix discusses in detail how to select clusters to be guaranteed crack-free between different clusters

D3D12 Work Graphs Preview

  • the blog post announces the first public release of a new D3D12 feature called Work Graphs
  • shows how this feature enables GPU shaders to spawn further GPU work from the GPU timeline
  • presents an overview of the spec
  • additionally, it discusses which samples are available at this time

GPU Work Graphs in Microsoft DirectX® 12

  • the AMD guide provides a more in-depth look at the practical use of D3D12 Work Graphs
  • presents how to get started and the building blocks of the programming model
  • additionally, it presents a section on tips & tricks to help during the development (guides for tracking down issues, best practices, etc.)

PIX 2306.21-preview: Work Graphs support

  • the blog post announces support for the new d3d12 work graphs feature in the preview version
  • shows the first level of debug support and discusses what is coming in the future

From 0 to glTF with WebGPU: Rendering the Full glTF Scene

  • another part of the glTF rendering series
  • part focuses on how to interpret the scene hierarchy and flatten it for rendering

[video] Let's Code a Realtime Fluid Simulation in Unity

  • the video tutorial presents a walkthrough on the integration of a real-time fluid simulation
  • shows how the physical model is translated into shader code
  • implementation is shown using Unity C# and shader code

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