Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 300 - August 13th, 2023

A Gentle Introduction to ReSTIR: Path Reuse in Real-time

  • the course notes and slides for the ReStir course from Siggraph are available
  • covering from introduction level content to more advanced use cases to the practical implementation in Cyberpunk 2077
  • video recordings are available for those who registered for Siggraph 2023

SIGGRAPH 2023 Links

  • a growing collection of content from Siggraph 2023
  • presentations, talks, slides, posters, and more

Reverse Z (and why it's so awesome)

  • the article presents how projection matrixes are expressed in different APIs
  • shows how to adjust the classic projection to reverse the direction of the z projection
  • followed by an explanation of how this matter helps when combined with floating point numbers to improve depth precision significantly

Interviewing Graphics Programmers

  • the article presents a way to categorize graphics programmers into four broad groups
  • for each group, discuss what tasks they typically work on and what questions might be asked in an interview
  • additionally provides general advice for graphics programmer interviews

Do you want the chance to work with clients like Google, Microsoft, Activision, Qualcomm and other AAA studios??

This is an opportunity to join a world-leader in advanced real-time graphics who are working at the cutting-edge of the game industry.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Experience with DirectX 12, Vulkan, Metal, or other current rendering API
  • 2+ years professional graphics programming experience

Please apply with your resume attached by replying to

Speed Up GPU Crash Debugging with NVIDIA Nsight Aftermath

  • Nsight Aftermath now supports application-specific markers to be inserted and accessed from the crash dumps
  • the blog post provides an example of how the tool shows the information
  • explains how to enable application marker support

GM Shaders Mini: CRT

  • the article presents how to create a post-processing effect that simulates the look of CRT TVs
  • the individual steps are explained
  • shadertoy implementation is provided

Bringing shaders to contest programming

  • the article presents how the author organized an online shader programming contest
  • presents how the problems were designed, challenges faced
  • additionally presents how the judgment system was implemented

[video] SIGGRAPH 2023 | Latest in Graphics Development and GPU Profiling with NVIDIA Nsight Tools

  • the video presents a short overview of the new developer features in Nvidia tools
  • the graphics performance profiler now supports sampling profiling
  • additionally covers aftermath debugging and improved Cuda memory profiling

[video] Skydome // Terrain Rendering episode #12

  • the video presents the theory behind Skydomes and how they compare to sky boxes
  • explains spherical coordinates and how to use them to generate a sphere mesh
  • combines the information to implement skydome rendering using OpenGL

Optimize 3D Assets with Khronos’ New glTF-Compressor Tool

  • Khronos released a new tool to improve the experience when working with KTX compression
  • the tool allows the changing of settings, exporting of files, and side-by-side live comparisons

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