Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 301 - August 20th, 2023

Rendering Technologies behind Gran Turismo 7: VR, Ray Tracing and Sky Simulation

  • the slides cover the difficulties of VR and what is required for a good user experience
  • presents what hardware features the PS5 GPU supports to improve the results
  • shows how raytracing was integrated into the rendering pipeline and an overview of the overall rendering pipeline
  • covers how the sky rendering was implemented, introducing the mie approximations used
  • additionally presents how multiple weather skys are implemented using multiple sets of lookup textures that are blended

Camera and lens definitions for VFX

  • the article discusses the concept of focal length, presenting how different definitions of focal length are used for other aspects
  • explains the underlying optics concepts to clarify the meaning
  • discusses Nominal focal length, Pinhole focal length as well as Effective focal length

[video] Mathematical Magic Mirrorball #SoME3

  • the video explains how mirror balls enable the representation of 360-degree views
  • focuses on the derivation of the mathematics of the approach and how to deal with projection bling spots
  • additionally presents several demos and use cases of mirror sphere projections

Optimizing Metal: Stitch several Metal functions into a single shader using MTLFunctionStitchingGraph

  • the article presents how to use MTLFunctionStitchingGraph to allow the creation of a final shader from multiple pre-compiled pieces at runtime
  • shows how to express that functions will be stitched at shader compile time, how to load and stitch the shaders from the API
  • combines everything to show how to use the stitched graph to apply image processing operations

Do you want the chance to work with clients like Google, Microsoft, Activision, Qualcomm and other AAA studios??

This is an opportunity to join a world-leader in advanced real-time graphics who are working at the cutting-edge of the game industry.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Experience with DirectX 12, Vulkan, Metal, or other current rendering API
  • 2+ years professional graphics programming experience

Please apply with your resume attached by replying to

Hardcore Vulkan debugging – Digging deep on Linux + AMDGPU

  • the blog post gives insights into debugging crashes originating on the GPU
  • presents what API level tools are available to track down the range of possible draw calls
  • further expands from there to show how barriers can help to reduce the search space
  • additionally shows how on AMD + Linux native hardware information is available to improve the debugging experience

Getting Started with Radeon™ GPU Detective 1.0

  • AMD released a new tool to help with debugging GPU crashes
  • the article provides a brief overview of the tool, what information is available, and how it’s to be interpreted
  • additionally discusses the limitations and usage tips


  • extensive bibliography of more than 3000 rendering papers
  • collected by Wojciech Jarosz from papers, conferences, and own research findings

  • a combination of three conference presentations recordings from the sony creator event
  • the videos cover VR, Ray tracing, and sky simulation in Gran Turismo 7
  • Screen space shadows by Bend Studio, as well as ML Research by Haven Studios

HLSL 2021 Migration Guide

  • the latest version of DXC switches the default HLSL version to 2021
  • this article presents what number of cases where default behavior changed
  • shows what changed and how the code needs to be adjusted. Presenting quick solutions and more ideal solutions to deal with the changed behaviors


  • release of a small header helper to implement a basic assert for GPU shader code
  • will trigger a GPU memory exception on purpose to halt the execution
  • helper is meant to be used together with Radeon GPU Detective

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