Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 305 - September 17th, 2023

Painting with Math: A Gentle Study of Raymarching

  • the blog post provides a visual introduction to Raymarching
  • builds up from simple spheres to animated shapes and concludes with more complex terrains
  • all examples are provided as javascript and GLSL code examples that are fully live and editable

GM Shaders Mini: Math

  • the article provides a brief overview of alpha blending and weighted averages
  • additionally shows a simple technique to create a perspective effect

Making Gaussian Splats smaller

  • the article discusses how to compress the data for the Gaussian Splats technique for reduced memory usage
  • presents how to re-order data for spatial coherence, compressing data relative to a local reference point
  • discusses how to compress splat data as textures and the effect of different BC compressions on the visual quality and memory reduction

Onboarding floating-point

  • the series of blog posts covers floating points and fixed point representations for numbers
  • discusses different representations for numbers, how to estimate precisions and ranges
  • shows how floating point numbers are expressed in hardware and how to implement common mathematical operations

[video] How I implemented MegaTextures on real Nintendo 64 hardware

  • the video presents an overview of virtual texturing
  • discusses texturing concepts and how to represent textures using tiles
  • shows visual presentations of the variations of texture resolution required and how it affects which tiles of textures are required
  • implemented for N64

Vulkanised 2024 - Call for Submissions

  • the 2024 Vulkan conference Vulkanised is looking for speakers
  • the blog post discusses topics being searched for, what is required for a talk proposal, as well as applicable submission deadlines

Call for Authors GPU Zen 3

  • the latest edition of the GPU Zen books is looking for authors
  • the blog post lists some recommended topic, answers to frequently asked question as well as deadlines

Thanks to Eric Haines for support of this series.

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