Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 306 - September 24th, 2023

[video] Game Engine Programming 060.3 - Explaining block compression formats and sRGB color space | C++

  • the video explains BC texture compression
  • covers how the compression format works and the differences that exist
  • explains guidelines on which format to use for different use cases
  • additionally also covers SRGB color space and explains when/how to use it

Reach For the Spheres: Tangency-Aware Surface Reconstruction of SDFs

  • the paper introduces a new method for the triangle mesh reconstruction from an SDF representation
  • The presented method is based on the insight that each SDF sample represents a spherical region
  • generates an initial mesh and then shrinks the shell using a gradient flow approach

Interlocked min/max on HLSL single precision floats (Part II)

  • the article presents improvements to using floating point atomic operations if all inputs have the same sign
  • additionally discusses how half and double floating point numbers might be operated on with uint atomics

Worley and His Noise (Worley Noise/Voronoi Noise)

  • the article presents how to implement Worley/Voronoi noise
  • starts with Voronoi shapes and expands to noise
  • additionally presents how to animate the noise

From WebGL to WebGPU

  • the article presents a set of differences between WebGL and WebGPU
  • covers clip space, synchronization, mip-generation, canvas handling, and more

Radeon™ Raytracing Analyzer 1.3 is now available

  • the latest version of the raytracing analyzer adds support for visualizing the rays in the scene
  • allows each ray to be visualized, heatmap information, and ray types
  • presents how to analyze performance given the provided information

Radeon™ Memory Visualizer 1.7 is out now

  • the latest edition of the Memory Visualizer adds improved support for resource aliasing
  • additionally adds support for post-crash analysis

Radeon™ GPU Profiler 1.16 is here!

  • the article presents changes in the latest AMD GPU profiler update
  • improved work graph, instruction search, output merger state visualization as well as shader hashes

Introduction to 3D Gaussian Splatting

  • the blog post provides an introduction to the Gaussian Splatting rasterization technique
  • discusses the technique, data collection, training as well as downsides of the technique

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