Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 307 - October 1st, 2023

[video] Sampling of Environment Maps for Image-based Lighting [Shaders Monthly #13]

  • the video shows how to sample texture lighting information stored in environment maps using importance sampling
  • shows the underlying math for the different contributing elements
  • also presents how to implement the technique using GSN Composer

Toon Shading Fundamentals - From Cel-Shading to bidirectional toon ramps

  • the article presents the basic steps for a toon shading implementation
  • provides an overview of the different toon shading techniques
  • covers toon ramps, cel-shading, lighting, and extensions such as shading ramps

Combining Resampled Importance and Projected Solid Angle Samplings for Many Area Light Rendering

  • The paper presents a combination of Resampled Importance Sampling (RIS) and Projected Solid Angle Sampling (ProjLTC) for many area lights.
  • provides a method of improving the efficiency run-time as RIS with a lower error
  • shows the comparison between previous methods

Nonlinear Ray Tracing for Displacement and Shell Mapping

  • the paper introduces a new approach to perform acceleration structure traversal and intersection tests against micro triangles texture space
  • implementation is using nonlinear rays as degree-2 rational functions
  • present performance and memory usage
  • additionally discusses the effect of floating point precision

Making Gaussian Splats more smaller

  • the blog describes how to compress the Gaussian splat SH data by using clusters and color palettes
  • shows the effect on memory usage as well as quality

Chrome Graphics as Seen By Attackers

  • the article provides an in-depth discussion about how WebGPU is implemented within Chrome
  • shows how the different implementation layers communicate
  • presents a look at bugs found during the research process and possible attack surfaces

You’re calculating framerate percentiles wrong!

  • the blog post describes the importance of considering the total runtime when calculating performance characteristics
  • discusses how failing to do so can skew the results towards a more positive conclusion

AMD FSR 3 game integrations out now + more details for developers

  • the article provides a brief overview of the FSR algorithm implementation
  • discusses how the frame generation interacts with the underlying native APIs as well as the state of the UE5 plugin integration

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