Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 316 - December 3rd, 2023

Announcing AMD RenderStudio - supporting collaborative 3D creation and rendering in the OpenUSD and MaterialX ecosystem

  • the blog post announces USD integration into the AMD RenderStudio
  • presents how the system allows real-time collaboration between different authoring tools (Maya, Blender, Houdini, RenderStudio)
  • additionally also supports MaterialX into the renderers

Coverage Bitmasks for Efficient Rendering Algorithms

  • the presentation provides an overview of bitmasks and their uses in rendering
  • It covers many applications for the technique (rasterization, font rendering, culling, global illumination, raytracing, etc.)
  • explores the properties and how they are a fantastic fit for GPU programmability and machine learning

[video] Lengths, angles, projection, correlation | Linear algebra episode 2

  • the video provides an excellent and detailed overview of the dot product
  • shows how the product is defined in algebraic notation as well as geometric interpretation
  • explains relationships and properties with visual explanations
  • additionally provides practical examples of how to use the different properties and operations introduced in the video

GM Shaders Mini: OkLab

  • the article presents the issues when creating a color gradient from sRGB and linear color spaces
  • introduces how the OkLab color space is designed to be perceptually linear and allows smoother gradients
  • provides code for the color space conversion


Principal Graphics Programmer

Remote, United Kingdom

Studio Elevation are re-establishing the boundaries of VR. We’re looking for a talented Principal Graphics Programmer to help us explore, create, and deliver world-leading innovation in software and VR hardware. Become a key member of Elevation, pioneering AAA, remote first process and crafting a new generation of VR development to bring core VR games to fruition.

[video] How to Render a Wireframe On a Solid Mesh

  • the video explains how to use a geometry shader to render a wireframe overlay on a mesh using a single pass
  • provides the overview of the presented algorithm before showing the OpenGL implementation

[video] What Is A Graphics Programmer?

  • the video provides the story of the author becoming a professional graphics programmer
  • discusses the author’s view on the path into the industry for graphics programmers, technical artists, as well as general shader artists
  • shows the importance of self-learning, portfolio creation, and the lack of intermediate resources

[video] Introduction To Vertex Shaders - Advanced Materials - Episode 32

  • start of a new shader tutorial series covering vertex shaders
  • starts off with an overview of vertex shaders and how to use them from Unity and Unreal

[video] When Your Game Is Bad But Your Optimisation Is Genius

  • the video presents techniques used to optimize terrain rendering
  • shows how to compress vertex information to reduce the memory and bandwidth requirements
  • additionally shows the importance of LODs for rendering performance

Thanks to Max R.R. Collada for support of this series.

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