Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 323 - January 21st, 2024

Mesh shaders: optimization and best practices

  • the article presents an overview of mesh shaders and amplification shaders
  • shows the considerations and constraints on RDNA2/3 hardware
  • showcases the tools available to profile the different stages and identify bottlenecks

Modernizing Granite’s mesh rendering

  • the article presents a detailed look at implementing a mesh shader based rendering pipeline
  • each step is accompanied by performance numbers on Nvidia and AMD
  • shader code samples are provided

Reprojection in a Ray Tracer

  • the author presents an alternative method to calculate the previous frame screen space position given a world space position
  • this technique doesn’t rely on projection matrices

Introducing GPU Reshape - shader instrumentation for everyone

  • the blog post introduces a new GPU-based debugging tool to make finding shader issues easier
  • allows the detection of out-of-bounds access, resource-bound validation, NAN detection, concurrency validation, and more
  • works with Vulkan and D3D12 on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs

[video] Machine Learning for Game Developers

  • the video provides an overview and introduction to machine learning from a game development perspective
  • explaining the standard terms, intuition, building an example network, and finally running the example network using D3D12
  • the example code is provided

Creating Rhoxel Meshes From Integer Coordinates

  • the article presents a method to construct rhombic dodecahedral honeycomb elements from an integer grid
  • shows an example of an SDF represented using the method
  • presents how to generate the mesh surfaces
  • additionally presents some ideas on what the method might be used for

HLSL Constant Buffer Packing Rules

  • the article explains the packing rules for Constant buffers when used with D3D11/D3D12
  • provides examples of different structures
  • shows visually how the different members are packed into memory

GPU Sorting - Overview

  • the article provides an overview of GPU sorting algorithms
  • provides high-level comparisons between the techniques
  • links to papers and implementations of the techniques are provided

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