Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 336 - April 21st, 2024

Transforming a Non-Differentiable Rasterizer into a Differentiable One with Stochastic Gradient Estimation

  • the paper presents a method that allows existing non-differentiable rasterizers to be made differentiable
  • explains the underlying technique and how to derive per-pixel stochastic gradient estimation
  • shows how to use the concepts to implement a 3D assets optimization system

VNDF importance sampling for an isotropic Smith-GGX distribution

  • the article introduces a specialization for the isotropic distribution of visible normals for GGX-Smith
  • discusses the limitations and implementation
  • source-code for HLSL and GLSL is provided

Colour Science Precis for the CGI Artist

  • a collection of summaries about color science aimed at computer graphics artists
  • provides a summary of the physics of color, the human vision, as well as the representation in computer graphics
  • additionally discusses color transformation onto displays

Real-time Seamless Object Space Shading

  • the paper introduces an object space shading method based on per-half-edge texturing (Htex)
  • presents a comparison against existing and shows how a Htex based method helps to reduce texturing seams
  • implementation of ReSTIR GI in object space using Unity is provided

[video] Terrain Tessellation Shaders // Terrain Rendering Episode 13

  • the video explains how to use OpenGL tessellation shaders to implement a dynamic level of detail for mesh based terrain system
  • explains how to setup the data for usage with the shaders
  • presents the shader and C++ code implementation required

[video] An Optimisation 6 Years In The Making

  • the video presents techniques to represent light shafts
  • explains an overview of two existing approaches
  • present an approximation technique that uses 2D planes combined with shadow map sampling and temporal filtering

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