Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 335 - April 14th, 2024

GM Shaders Guest: Radiance Cascades

  • the blog post explains the Radiance Cascades technique for global illumination
  • shows the different stages of the algorithms and how to implement them for 2D cases
  • source code is provided

Flattening Bézier Curves and Arcs

  • the post presents three methods to convert (Quadratic, Cubic) Bézier curves and elliptical arcs into line segments
  • provides interactive examples to visualize the methods
  • An example javascript code is provided

3D Toon Rendering in 'Hi-Fi RUSH'

  • the GDC presentation provides an in-depth view into how the visual stylized shading was implemented
  • covers a large number of topics from Deferred Toon Rendering, Comic Shader, over Global Illumination to Toon Face Shadows and more
  • the game is based on Unreal Engine 4

DirectX State of the Union Ft. Work Graphs and Introducing DirectSR (Presented by Microsoft)

  • the GDC 2024 presentation covers the problems with Draw Indirect and how Work Graphs are designed to solve them
  • presents a walkthrough of the API and how AMD/NVidia have started to use the feature
  • additionally introduces DirectSR, the new API that abstracts upscaling techniques behind a command D3D API

[video] Coding Adventure: Rendering Text

  • the video deep dives into font rendering
  • starts by exploring the True Type Font format
  • showing how to extract the glyphs and the bezier curves that represent them
  • discusses several techniques to render the curves to form the fonts
  • presents issues and solutions for a large number of issues encountered

Graphics Programming Conference

  • a new graphics programming conference to happen in Breda (Netherlands) in November
  • currently looking for speaker and master class proposals

Thanks to Aras Pranckevičius for support of this series.

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