Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 334 - April 7th, 2024

Recreating Nanite: Runtime LOD selection

  • the blog post discusses how to implement a continuous LOD system for meshlet-based rendering
  • shows how to calculate the error metric and structure the data for GPU access
  • presents how to select the correct LOD level at runtime
  • A video of the results is included

Optimizing UE5: Rethinking Performance Paradigms for High-Quality Visuals - Part 1: Nanite and Lumen | Unreal Fest 2023

  • the presentation provides an overview of the Nanite and Lumen systems
  • shows a high-level look at which parts affect performance and how performance intuition doesn’t match the classical rasterization model
  • the whole presentation slide deck is done in the UE5 editor

[video] Dithered Transparency in Unity Shader Graph

  • the video explains the difference between alpha blending and dithered transparency
  • shows sorting issues related to blending order and how dithered transparency solves them
  • presents how to implement the technique using Unity Shader Graph
  • additionally shows the limitations of the technique

RenderDoc - Version v1.32

  • the latest version adds support for Slang with Vulkan, additional extensions support, D3D12 Pixel history support, and many bug fixes

Copy Queue woes.

  • the article presents how usage patterns of copy queues to upload and download data from the GPU can significantly affect the amount of stalls
  • discusses the different patterns and presents timelines to show the waits
  • additionally shows how multiple copy queues interact and the importance of copy queue priorities

Real-Time Lighting with Gaussian Splats

  • the blog post describes a method to apply lighting to Gaussian Splats
  • shows methods to reconstruct geometry with normals and how to filter the results
  • additionally discusses limitations and ideas for improvement or leveraging of existing mesh-based solutions

[video] DJ! Swap that chain!!! // Vulkan For Beginners #7

  • the latest video in the series explains how to create a Vulkan Swapchain
  • explains the different presentation modes
  • additionally shows how to create a view of the different images of the swap chain

Thanks to Unai Landa for support of this series.

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