Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 34 — April 15, 2018

Exploring scriptable render pipelines in unity 2018.1 [wayback-archive]

  • overview of the scriptable render pipeline
  • walkthrough of the development of a pipeline for mobile VR, code on github
  • lighting, fog, lightmaps, shadows, light/reflection probes, transparency

SymPy case studies, part 2: derivatives [wayback-archive]

  • calculation of partial derivatives, function gradients
  • able to eliminate common subexpressions

SymPy part 3: moar derivatives! [wayback-archive]

  • longer example combining all elements of previous posts of the series to calculate area elements on the unit sphere

Daily Pathtracer Part 7: Initial SIMD [wayback-archive]

Daily Pathtracer 8: SSE HitSpheres [wayback-archive]

Daily Pathtracer 9: A wild ryg appears [wayback-archive]

  • new parts about the pathracer, discussing SSE implementation approaches, performance and optimizations

Coarse Pixel Shading with Temporal Supersampling [wayback-archive]

  • coarse pixel shading lowers shading rate
  • temporally reconstructs shading samples and full visibility information
  • pdf preprint

GPU Emitter Graph System in Star Wars Battlefront 2 [wayback-archive]

  • workflow overview
  • runtime design
    • frame organisation
    • data management
    • particle sorting
    • performance
  • walkthrough of different use cases (sparks, snow, rain, leaves, … , crowds)

DXC online compiler

  • website allows the compilation of HLSL using the old fxc and the new dxc shader compiler

Fast & beautiful 2D lighting in Unity [wayback-archive]

  • breakdown of how the 2D lighting system was implemented
  • using 3D objects to cast and receive shadows
  • rendering shadows and lighting into a render target, blend the result into the main output

Interactive Editor for the DirectX Shader Compiler [wayback-archive]

  • Interactive editor mode allows to show changes introduced by each pass
  • changes to disassembly can be made and will be propagated to following changes

For best performance, use DXGI flip model [wayback-archive]

  • Spring Creators Update brings new features
  • discussion of scenarios when the windows compositor can be bypassed with the flip model to allow best performance
  • hardware can scale back buffers when they don’t match the screen resolution

Epic at GDC 2018 [wayback-archive]

  • list of all Epic content presented at GDC 2018